Army Cavalry School (Japanese Army)

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Army Cavalry School 陸軍騎兵学校 Rikugun Kihei Gakko



no date of
rank name class previous job next job note
15 Aug 1896 Lt Colonel, Cav Akiyama Yoshifuru 3rd class, Cadet Cdr, 1st Cav Battalion Cdt, Cavalry Exercise School Army Horse Riding School
11 Oct 1897 Colonel
1 Oct 18988 Colonel, Cav Akiyama Yoshifuru 3rd class, Cadet Cdt, Horse Riding School Head of Logistics, 5th Division Army Cavalry Exercise School
10 Jul 1900
29 Apr 1908 Colonel, Cav Yoshida Heitaro 10th class, Cadet CoS, 7th Division Chief, Cav Sect, MA Bu, Ministry of Army
15 Sept 1909
10 Jun 1912 Colonel, Cav Morioka Morishige 2nd class, MA Cdr, 16th Cav Regiment Chief, Org & Mob Sect, General Staffs
22 Aug 1913
2 May 1916 Maj General Suzuki Soroku 1st class, MA Cdr, 3rd Cav Brigade Inspector, Cavalry
6 Aug 1917
20 Jul 1921 Maj General Minami Jiro 6th class, MA Cdr, 3rd Cav Brigade Cdt, Military Academy Army Cavalry School
10 Oct 1922
1 Aug 1929 Maj General Yanagawa Heisuke 12th class, MA Commander, 1st Cav Brigade Inspector, Cavalry
22 Dec 1930
1 Aug 1934 Maj General Iida Sadakata 17th class, MA
2 Dec 1935 Maj General Inaba Shiro 18th class, MA Commander, 4th Cav Brigade Commander, Cavalry Group
2 Aug 1837