Admiral Kuznetzov class aircraft carriers (Russian, 1985)

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Admiral Kuznetzov class aircraft carriers (Project 1143.5)


Displacement: 60,000t (67,000t full load)
Dimensions: 300.0m x 37.8m hull, 73.0m max x 11.0m
Machinery: 4 sets geared turbines, 200,000shp = 30kts.
Armament: 16 SS-N-19, 18 SA-N-9 launchers (8 missiles each), 8 CADS-N-I, 6 30mm Gatling, 2 RBU-12000, 18 fixed-wing aircraft (two 9-aircraft squadrons) and 12 helicopters (Helix-A and -C).


Name Builder Laid down Launched Comp History Note
Admiral Flota Sovetskovo Soyuza Kuznetzov Nikolayev 1 Apr 1982 6 Dec 1985 25 Dec 1990 In service
Varyag Nikolayev 6 Dec 1985 4 Dec 1988 Sold to China, completed as Liaoning