9th class of Military Academy (Japanese Army)

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9th class of Military Academy


seat name final rank honor other title fate Military College origin division note
Abe Nobuyuki General 7 Sep 1953 died 19th class Ishikawa Artillery
Araki Sadao General Baron 2 Nov 1966 died 19th class Tokyo Infantry
Hayashi Nariyuki General 31 May 1944 died 20th class Kumamoto Infantry
Honjo Shigeru General Baron 20 Nov 1945 suicide 19th class Hyogo Infantry
Masaki Jinzaburo General 31 Aug 1956 died 19th class Saga Infantry
Matsui Iwane General 23 Dec 1948 executed 18th class Aichi Infantry
Okamoto Renichiro Lt General 23 Feb 1934 died 21st class Wakayama Infantry