8th Division (Japanese Army)

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8th Division 第八師団 Daihachi Shidan



no date of
rank name class previous job next job note
1 1 Oct 1898 Lt General Tatsumi Naofumi Chief of Staff, Taiwan suspended 29 May 1906 General
2 6 Jul 1906 Lt General Watanabe Akira Cdr, 19th Inf Brigade Cdr, 3rd Division
3 21 Dec 1908 Yamane Takesuke 1st class, Cadet
4 14 Jan 1912 Koizumi Masayasu 1st class, Cadet
5 11 May 1914 Lt General Oi Shigemoto 6th class, Cadet Cdt, Military College Cdr, 12th Division
6 2 Jul 1918 Lt General Shirai Jiro 9th class, Cadet Cdr, Fortress Ryojun reserved
7 20 Jul 1921 Onodera Jutaro 2nd class, MA
8 4 Feb 1924 Lt General Hishikari Takashi 5th class, MA Cdr, Fortress Yura Cdr, 4th Division
9 26 Aug 1927 Lt General Masaki Jinzaburo 9th class, MA Cdt, Military Academy Cdr, 1st Division
10 1 Jul 1929 Miyoshi Hajime 8th class, MA
11 1 Aug 1931 Lt General Nishi Yoshikazu 10th class, MA Cdt, Fld Artillery School Cdr of Tokyo Security
12 5 Mar 1934 Lt General Nakamura Kotaro 13th class, MA Cdr, China Resident Army Dir, Office of Inspectorate General
13 2 Dec 1935 Lt General Shimomoto Kumaya 15th class, MA AK, 3rd Division reserved
14 2 Aug 1937 Lt General Maeda Toshinari 17th class, MA Cdt, Military College Att, General Staffs
15 10 Dec 1938 Lt General Tsukada Osamu 19th class, MA Cdt, Military College Att, General Staffs
16 28 Oct 1940 Honda Masaki 22nd class, MA
17 26 Jun 1942 Yokoyama Shizuo 24th class, MA
19 Mar 1945 Yokoyama Shizuo 24th class, MA