7th Logistic Support Regiment (JGSDF)

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7th Logistic Support Regiment 第7後方支援連隊 Dai Nana Koho Shien Rentai

chain of command

Minister of Defense > Northern Army > 7th Division > 7th Logistic Support Regiment


  • Head office
  • 1st Maintenance Battalion
    • Vehicle Maintenance Company
    • Firearms Maintenance Unit
    • Communications and Electronics Maintenance Unit
    • Engineer Maintenance Unit
    • Construction and Recovery Unit
  • 2nd Maintenance Battalion
    • Infantry Support Company
    • 1st Tank Support Company (Kita-chitose)
    • 2nd Tank Support Company (Kita-eniwa)
    • 3rd Tank Support Company (Minami-eniwa)
    • Artillery Support Company
    • Antiaircraft Artillery Support Company (Shizunai)
    • Reconnaissance Support Unit
  • Supply Unit
  • Transportation Unit
  • Medical Unit