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66BC is a year.

Basic information

  • normal year.
  • starts with:
    • Julian Day 1697317, Sunday (Proleptic Julian Calendar)
  • Proleptic Gregorian calendar date is 2 day behind of Proleptic Julian calendar date.

Japanese Old Style Calendar

  • Corresponds to: 32nd year of Emperor Sujin's reign (崇神三十二年).
  • Year of Rabbit, junior wood (乙卯).
  • normal year.
  • starts with: Julian Day 1697369, Wednesday. Day of Horse, senior water (壬午).

Chinese lunisolar calendar

  • Year of Rabbit, junior wood (乙卯).
  • normal year.
  • starts with: Julian Day 1697369, Wednesday. Day of Horse, senior water (壬午).
  • corresponds to:
    • (Han dynasty) 4th year of the Dijie era (地節四年).


Old Style
Old Style
Sexagenary cycle
1697317 Sun 1 Jan 66BC 8 leap Nov, 31st of Sujin 崇神三十一年閏十一月八日 Tiger, senior metal 庚寅 new year day on JC
1697321 Thu 5 Jan 66BC 12 leap Nov, 31st of Sujin 崇神三十一年閏十一月十二日 Horse, senior wood 甲午
1697324 Sun 8 Jan 66BC 15 leap Nov, 31st of Sujin 崇神三十一年閏十一月十五日 Rooster, junior fire 丁酉
1697327 Wed 11 Jan 66BC 18 leap Nov, 31st of Sujin 崇神三十一年閏十一月十八日 Rat, senior metal 庚子
1697331 Sun 15 Jan 66BC 22 leap Nov, 31st of Sujin 崇神三十一年閏十一月二十二日 Dragon, senior wood 甲辰
1697338 Sun 22 Jan 66BC 29 leap Nov, 31st of Sujin 崇神三十一年閏十一月二十九日 Pig, junior metal 辛亥
1697339 Mon 23 Jan 66BC 1 Dec, 31st of Sujin 崇神三十一年十二月朔 Rat, senior water 壬子
1697340 Tue 24 Jan 66BC 2 Dec, 31st of Sujin 崇神三十一年十二月二日 Ox, junior water 癸丑 1 Dec
1697341 Wed 25 Jan 66BC 3 Dec, 31st of Sujin 崇神三十一年十二月三日 Tiger, senior wood 甲寅
1697345 Sun 29 Jan 66BC 7 Dec, 31st of Sujin 崇神三十一年十二月七日 Horse, senior earth 戊午
1697347 Tue 31 Jan 66BC 9 Dec, 31st of Sujin 崇神三十一年十二月九日 Monkey, senior metal 庚申
1697348 Wed 1 Feb 66BC 10 Dec, 31st of Sujin 崇神三十一年十二月十日 Rooster, junior metal 辛酉
1697351 Sat 4 Feb 66BC 13 Dec, 31st of Sujin 崇神三十一年十二月十三日 Rat, senior wood 甲子
1697352 Sun 5 Feb 66BC 14 Dec, 31st of Sujin 崇神三十一年十二月十四日 Ox, junior wood 乙丑
1697359 Sun 12 Feb 66BC 21 Dec, 31st of Sujin 崇神三十一年十二月二十一日 Monkey, senior water 壬申
1697361 Tue 14 Feb 66BC 23 Dec, 31st of Sujin 崇神三十一年十二月二十三日 Dog, senior wood 甲戌
1697363 Thu 16 Feb 66BC 25 Dec, 31st of Sujin 崇神三十一年十二月二十五日 Rat, senior fire 丙子
1697366 Sun 19 Feb 66BC 28 Dec, 31st of Sujin 崇神三十一年十二月二十八日 Rabbit, junior earth 己卯
1697368 Tue 21 Feb 66BC 30 Dec, 31st of Sujin 崇神三十一年十二月三十日 Snake, junior metal 辛巳
1697369 Wed 22 Feb 66BC 1 Jan, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年正月朔 Horse, senior water 壬午 1 Jan new year day on JOS
1697371 Fri 24 Feb 66BC 3 Jan, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年正月三日 Monkey, senior wood 甲申
1697373 Sun 26 Feb 66BC 5 Jan, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年正月五日 Dog, senior fire 丙戌
1697375 Tue 28 Feb 66BC 7 Jan, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年正月七日 Rat, senior earth 戊子
1697376 Wed 1 Mar 66BC 8 Jan, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年正月八日 Ox, junior earth 己丑
1697380 Sun 5 Mar 66BC 12 Jan, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年正月十二日 Snake, junior water 癸巳
1697381 Mon 6 Mar 66BC 13 Jan, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年正月十三日 Horse, senior wood 甲午
1697387 Sun 12 Mar 66BC 19 Jan, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年正月十九日 Rat, senior metal 庚子
1697391 Thu 16 Mar 66BC 23 Jan, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年正月二十三日 Dragon, senior wood 甲辰
1697394 Sun 19 Mar 66BC 26 Jan, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年正月二十六日 Goat, junior fire 丁未
1697397 Wed 22 Mar 66BC 29 Jan, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年正月二十九日 Dog, senior metal 庚戌
1697398 Thu 23 Mar 66BC 1 Feb, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年二月朔 Pig, junior metal 辛亥
1697399 Fri 24 Mar 66BC 2 Feb, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年二月二日 Rat, senior water 壬子 1 Feb
1697401 Sun 26 Mar 66BC 4 Feb, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年二月四日 Tiger, senior wood 甲寅
1697406 Fri 31 Mar 66BC 9 Feb, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年二月九日 Goat, junior earth 己未
1697407 Sat 1 Apr 66BC 10 Feb, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年二月十日 Monkey, senior metal 庚申
1697408 Sun 2 Apr 66BC 11 Feb, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年二月十一日 Rooster, junior metal 辛酉
1697411 Wed 5 Apr 66BC 14 Feb, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年二月十四日 Rat, senior wood 甲子
1697415 Sun 9 Apr 66BC 18 Feb, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年二月十八日 Dragon, senior earth 戊辰
1697421 Sat 15 Apr 66BC 24 Feb, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年二月二十四日 Dog, senior wood 甲戌
1697422 Sun 16 Apr 66BC 25 Feb, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年二月二十五日 Pig, junior wood 乙亥
1697423 Mon 17 Apr 66BC 26 Feb, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年二月二十六日 Rat, senior fire 丙子
1697427 Fri 21 Apr 66BC 30 Feb, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年二月三十日 Dragon, senior metal 庚辰
1697428 Sat 22 Apr 66BC 1 Mar, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年三月朔 Snake, junior metal 辛巳 1 Mar
1697429 Sun 23 Apr 66BC 2 Mar, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年三月二日 Horse, senior water 壬午
1697431 Tue 25 Apr 66BC 4 Mar, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年三月四日 Monkey, senior wood 甲申
1697435 Sat 29 Apr 66BC 8 Mar, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年三月八日 Rat, senior earth 戊子
1697436 Sun 30 Apr 66BC 9 Mar, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年三月九日 Ox, junior earth 己丑
1697437 Mon 1 May 66BC 10 Mar, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年三月十日 Tiger, senior metal 庚寅
1697441 Fri 5 May 66BC 14 Mar, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年三月十四日 Horse, senior wood 甲午
1697443 Sun 7 May 66BC 16 Mar, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年三月十六日 Monkey, senior fire 丙申
1697447 Thu 11 May 66BC 20 Mar, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年三月二十日 Rat, senior metal 庚子
1697450 Sun 14 May 66BC 23 Mar, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年三月二十三日 Rabbit, junior water 癸卯
1697451 Mon 15 May 66BC 24 Mar, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年三月二十四日 Dragon, senior wood 甲辰
1697456 Sat 20 May 66BC 29 Mar, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年三月二十九日 Rooster, junior earth 己酉
1697457 Sun 21 May 66BC 1 Apr, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年四月朔 Dog, senior metal 庚戌
1697458 Mon 22 May 66BC 2 Apr, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年四月二日 Pig, junior metal 辛亥 1 Apr
1697459 Tue 23 May 66BC 3 Apr, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年四月三日 Rat, senior water 壬子
1697461 Thu 25 May 66BC 5 Apr, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年四月五日 Tiger, senior wood 甲寅
1697464 Sun 28 May 66BC 8 Apr, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年四月八日 Snake, junior fire 丁巳
1697467 Wed 31 May 66BC 11 Apr, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年四月十一日 Monkey, senior metal 庚申
1697468 Thu 1 Jun 66BC 12 Apr, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年四月十二日 Rooster, junior metal 辛酉
1697471 Sun 4 Jun 66BC 15 Apr, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年四月十五日 Rat, senior wood 甲子
1697478 Sun 11 Jun 66BC 22 Apr, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年四月二十二日 Goat, junior metal 辛未
1697481 Wed 14 Jun 66BC 25 Apr, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年四月二十五日 Dog, senior wood 甲戌
1697483 Fri 16 Jun 66BC 27 Apr, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年四月二十七日 Rat, senior fire 丙子
1697485 Sun 18 Jun 66BC 29 Apr, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年四月二十九日 Tiger, senior earth 戊寅
1697486 Mon 19 Jun 66BC 30 Apr, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年四月三十日 Rabbit, junior earth 己卯
1697487 Tue 20 Jun 66BC 1 May, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年五月朔 Dragon, senior metal 庚辰 1 May
1697491 Sat 24 Jun 66BC 5 May, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年五月五日 Monkey, senior wood 甲申
1697492 Sun 25 Jun 66BC 6 May, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年五月六日 Rooster, junior wood 乙酉
1697495 Wed 28 Jun 66BC 9 May, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年五月九日 Rat, senior earth 戊子
1697497 Fri 30 Jun 66BC 11 May, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年五月十一日 Tiger, senior metal 庚寅
1697498 Sat 1 Jul 66BC 12 May, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年五月十二日 Rabbit, junior metal 辛卯
1697499 Sun 2 Jul 66BC 13 May, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年五月十三日 Dragon, senior water 壬辰
1697501 Tue 4 Jul 66BC 15 May, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年五月十五日 Horse, senior wood 甲午
1697506 Sun 9 Jul 66BC 20 May, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年五月二十日 Pig, junior earth 己亥
1697507 Mon 10 Jul 66BC 21 May, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年五月二十一日 Rat, senior metal 庚子
1697511 Fri 14 Jul 66BC 25 May, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年五月二十五日 Dragon, senior wood 甲辰
1697513 Sun 16 Jul 66BC 27 May, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年五月二十七日 Horse, senior fire 丙午
1697515 Tue 18 Jul 66BC 29 May, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年五月二十九日 Monkey, senior earth 戊申
1697516 Wed 19 Jul 66BC 1 Jun, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年六月朔 Rooster, junior earth 己酉
1697517 Thu 20 Jul 66BC 2 Jun, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年六月二日 Dog, senior metal 庚戌 1 Jun
1697519 Sat 22 Jul 66BC 4 Jun, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年六月四日 Rat, senior water 壬子
1697520 Sun 23 Jul 66BC 5 Jun, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年六月五日 Ox, junior water 癸丑
1697521 Mon 24 Jul 66BC 6 Jun, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年六月六日 Tiger, senior wood 甲寅
1697527 Sun 30 Jul 66BC 12 Jun, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年六月十二日 Monkey, senior metal 庚申
1697528 Mon 31 Jul 66BC 13 Jun, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年六月十三日 Rooster, junior metal 辛酉
1697529 Tue 1 Aug 66BC 14 Jun, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年六月十四日 Dog, senior water 壬戌
1697531 Thu 3 Aug 66BC 16 Jun, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年六月十六日 Rat, senior wood 甲子
1697534 Sun 6 Aug 66BC 19 Jun, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年六月十九日 Rabbit, junior fire 丁卯
1697541 Sun 13 Aug 66BC 26 Jun, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年六月二十六日 Dog, senior wood 甲戌
1697543 Tue 15 Aug 66BC 28 Jun, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年六月二十八日 Rat, senior fire 丙子
1697545 Thu 17 Aug 66BC 30 Jun, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年六月三十日 Tiger, senior earth 戊寅
1697546 Fri 18 Aug 66BC 1 Jul, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年七月朔 Rabbit, junior earth 己卯 1 Jul
1697548 Sun 20 Aug 66BC 3 Jul, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年七月三日 Snake, junior metal 辛巳
1697551 Wed 23 Aug 66BC 6 Jul, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年七月六日 Monkey, senior wood 甲申
1697555 Sun 27 Aug 66BC 10 Jul, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年七月十日 Rat, senior earth 戊子
1697559 Thu 31 Aug 66BC 14 Jul, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年七月十四日 Dragon, senior water 壬辰
1697560 Fri 1 Sept 66BC 15 Jul, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年七月十五日 Snake, junior water 癸巳
1697561 Sat 2 Sept 66BC 16 Jul, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年七月十六日 Horse, senior wood 甲午
1697562 Sun 3 Sept 66BC 17 Jul, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年七月十七日 Goat, junior wood 乙未
1697567 Fri 8 Sept 66BC 22 Jul, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年七月二十二日 Rat, senior metal 庚子
1697569 Sun 10 Sept 66BC 24 Jul, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年七月二十四日 Tiger, senior water 壬寅
1697571 Tue 12 Sept 66BC 26 Jul, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年七月二十六日 Dragon, senior wood 甲辰
1697574 Fri 15 Sept 66BC 29 Jul, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年七月二十九日 Goat, junior fire 丁未
1697575 Sat 16 Sept 66BC 1 Aug, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年八月朔 Monkey, senior earth 戊申
1697576 Sun 17 Sept 66BC 2 Aug, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年八月二日 Rooster, junior earth 己酉 1 Aug
1697579 Wed 20 Sept 66BC 5 Aug, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年八月五日 Rat, senior water 壬子
1697581 Fri 22 Sept 66BC 7 Aug, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年八月七日 Tiger, senior wood 甲寅
1697583 Sun 24 Sept 66BC 9 Aug, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年八月九日 Dragon, senior fire 丙辰
1697589 Sat 30 Sept 66BC 15 Aug, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年八月十五日 Dog, senior water 壬戌
1697590 Sun 1 Oct 66BC 16 Aug, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年八月十六日 Pig, junior water 癸亥
1697591 Mon 2 Oct 66BC 17 Aug, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年八月十七日 Rat, senior wood 甲子
1697597 Sun 8 Oct 66BC 23 Aug, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年八月二十三日 Horse, senior metal 庚午
1697601 Thu 12 Oct 66BC 27 Aug, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年八月二十七日 Dog, senior wood 甲戌
1697603 Sat 14 Oct 66BC 29 Aug, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年八月二十九日 Rat, senior fire 丙子
1697604 Sun 15 Oct 66BC 30 Aug, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年八月三十日 Ox, junior fire 丁丑
1697605 Mon 16 Oct 66BC 1 Sept, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年九月朔 Tiger, senior earth 戊寅 1 Sept
1697611 Sun 22 Oct 66BC 7 Sept, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年九月七日 Monkey, senior wood 甲申
1697615 Thu 26 Oct 66BC 11 Sept, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年九月十一日 Rat, senior earth 戊子
1697618 Sun 29 Oct 66BC 14 Sept, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年九月十四日 Rabbit, junior metal 辛卯
1697620 Tue 31 Oct 66BC 16 Sept, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年九月十六日 Snake, junior water 癸巳
1697621 Wed 1 Nov 66BC 17 Sept, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年九月十七日 Horse, senior wood 甲午
1697625 Sun 5 Nov 66BC 21 Sept, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年九月二十一日 Dog, senior earth 戊戌
1697627 Tue 7 Nov 66BC 23 Sept, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年九月二十三日 Rat, senior metal 庚子
1697631 Sat 11 Nov 66BC 27 Sept, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年九月二十七日 Dragon, senior wood 甲辰
1697632 Sun 12 Nov 66BC 28 Sept, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年九月二十八日 Snake, junior wood 乙巳
1697633 Mon 13 Nov 66BC 29 Sept, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年九月二十九日 Horse, senior fire 丙午
1697634 Tue 14 Nov 66BC 1 Oct, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年十月朔 Goat, junior fire 丁未
1697635 Wed 15 Nov 66BC 2 Oct, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年十月二日 Monkey, senior earth 戊申 1 Oct
1697639 Sun 19 Nov 66BC 6 Oct, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年十月六日 Rat, senior water 壬子
1697641 Tue 21 Nov 66BC 8 Oct, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年十月八日 Tiger, senior wood 甲寅
1697646 Sun 26 Nov 66BC 13 Oct, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年十月十三日 Goat, junior earth 己未
1697650 Thu 30 Nov 66BC 17 Oct, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年十月十七日 Pig, junior water 癸亥
1697651 Fri 1 Dec 66BC 18 Oct, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年十月十八日 Rat, senior wood 甲子
1697653 Sun 3 Dec 66BC 20 Oct, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年十月二十日 Tiger, senior fire 丙寅
1697660 Sun 10 Dec 66BC 27 Oct, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年十月二十七日 Rooster, junior water 癸酉
1697661 Mon 11 Dec 66BC 28 Oct, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年十月二十八日 Dog, senior wood 甲戌
1697663 Wed 13 Dec 66BC 30 Oct, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年十月三十日 Rat, senior fire 丙子
1697664 Thu 14 Dec 66BC 1 Nov, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年十一月朔 Ox, junior fire 丁丑 1 Nov
1697667 Sun 17 Dec 66BC 4 Nov, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年十一月四日 Dragon, senior metal 庚辰
1697671 Thu 21 Dec 66BC 8 Nov, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年十一月八日 Monkey, senior wood 甲申
1697674 Sun 24 Dec 66BC 11 Nov, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年十一月十一日 Pig, junior fire 丁亥
1697675 Mon 25 Dec 66BC 12 Nov, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年十一月十二日 Rat, senior earth 戊子
1697681 Sun 31 Dec 66BC 18 Nov, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年十一月十八日 Horse, senior wood 甲午 last day of the year on JC
1697682 Mon 1 Jan 65BC 19 Nov, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年十一月十九日 Goat, junior wood 乙未
1697687 Sat 6 Jan 65BC 24 Nov, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年十一月二十四日 Rat, senior metal 庚子
1697688 Sun 7 Jan 65BC 25 Nov, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年十一月二十五日 Ox, junior metal 辛丑
1697691 Wed 10 Jan 65BC 28 Nov, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年十一月二十八日 Dragon, senior wood 甲辰
1697693 Fri 12 Jan 65BC 30 Nov, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年十一月三十日 Horse, senior fire 丙午
1697694 Sat 13 Jan 65BC 1 Dec, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年十二月朔 Goat, junior fire 丁未 1 Dec
1697695 Sun 14 Jan 65BC 2 Dec, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年十二月二日 Monkey, senior earth 戊申
1697699 Thu 18 Jan 65BC 6 Dec, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年十二月六日 Rat, senior water 壬子
1697701 Sat 20 Jan 65BC 8 Dec, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年十二月八日 Tiger, senior wood 甲寅
1697702 Sun 21 Jan 65BC 9 Dec, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年十二月九日 Rabbit, junior wood 乙卯
1697709 Sun 28 Jan 65BC 16 Dec, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年十二月十六日 Dog, senior water 壬戌
1697711 Tue 30 Jan 65BC 18 Dec, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年十二月十八日 Rat, senior wood 甲子
1697712 Wed 31 Jan 65BC 19 Dec, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年十二月十九日 Ox, junior wood 乙丑
1697713 Thu 1 Feb 65BC 20 Dec, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年十二月二十日 Tiger, senior fire 丙寅
1697716 Sun 4 Feb 65BC 23 Dec, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年十二月二十三日 Snake, junior earth 己巳
1697721 Fri 9 Feb 65BC 28 Dec, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年十二月二十八日 Dog, senior wood 甲戌
1697722 Sat 10 Feb 65BC 29 Dec, 32nd of Sujin 崇神三十二年十二月二十九日 Pig, junior wood 乙亥 last day of the year on JOS

Persons of the year


title holder note
Emperor of Japan Emperor Sujin

World monarchs, etc.

title holder note
Emperor of China, Han dynasty Emperor Xuan


calendar year
67BC 66BC
32nd of Sujin