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62BC is a year.

Basic information

  • normal year.
  • starts with:
    • Julian Day 1698778, Friday (Proleptic Julian Calendar)
  • Proleptic Gregorian calendar date is 2 day behind of Proleptic Julian calendar date.

Japanese Old Style Calendar

  • Corresponds to: 36th year of Emperor Sujin's reign (崇神三十六年).
  • Year of Goat, junior earth (己未).
  • normal year.
  • starts with: Julian Day 1698816, Monday. Day of Ox, junior earth (己丑).

Chinese lunisolar calendar

  • Year of Goat, junior earth (己未).
  • normal year.
  • starts with: Julian Day 1698816, Monday. Day of Ox, junior earth (己丑).
  • corresponds to:
    • (Han dynasty) 4th year of the Yuankang era (元康四年).


Old Style
Old Style
Sexagenary cycle
1698778 Fri 1 Jan 62BC 22 Nov, 35th of Sujin 崇神三十五年十一月二十二日 Pig, junior metal 辛亥 new year day on JC
1698779 Sat 2 Jan 62BC 23 Nov, 35th of Sujin 崇神三十五年十一月二十三日 Rat, senior water 壬子
1698780 Sun 3 Jan 62BC 24 Nov, 35th of Sujin 崇神三十五年十一月二十四日 Ox, junior water 癸丑
1698781 Mon 4 Jan 62BC 25 Nov, 35th of Sujin 崇神三十五年十一月二十五日 Tiger, senior wood 甲寅
1698785 Fri 8 Jan 62BC 29 Nov, 35th of Sujin 崇神三十五年十一月二十九日 Horse, senior earth 戊午
1698786 Sat 9 Jan 62BC 1 Dec, 35th of Sujin 崇神三十五年十二月朔 Goat, junior earth 己未
1698787 Sun 10 Jan 62BC 2 Dec, 35th of Sujin 崇神三十五年十二月二日 Monkey, senior metal 庚申 1 Dec
1698791 Thu 14 Jan 62BC 6 Dec, 35th of Sujin 崇神三十五年十二月六日 Rat, senior wood 甲子
1698794 Sun 17 Jan 62BC 9 Dec, 35th of Sujin 崇神三十五年十二月九日 Rabbit, junior fire 丁卯
1698801 Sun 24 Jan 62BC 16 Dec, 35th of Sujin 崇神三十五年十二月十六日 Dog, senior wood 甲戌
1698803 Tue 26 Jan 62BC 18 Dec, 35th of Sujin 崇神三十五年十二月十八日 Rat, senior fire 丙子
1698808 Sun 31 Jan 62BC 23 Dec, 35th of Sujin 崇神三十五年十二月二十三日 Snake, junior metal 辛巳
1698809 Mon 1 Feb 62BC 24 Dec, 35th of Sujin 崇神三十五年十二月二十四日 Horse, senior water 壬午
1698811 Wed 3 Feb 62BC 26 Dec, 35th of Sujin 崇神三十五年十二月二十六日 Monkey, senior wood 甲申
1698815 Sun 7 Feb 62BC 30 Dec, 35th of Sujin 崇神三十五年十二月三十日 Rat, senior earth 戊子
1698816 Mon 8 Feb 62BC 1 Jan, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年正月朔 Ox, junior earth 己丑 1 Jan new year day on JOS
1698821 Sat 13 Feb 62BC 6 Jan, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年正月六日 Horse, senior wood 甲午
1698822 Sun 14 Feb 62BC 7 Jan, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年正月七日 Goat, junior wood 乙未
1698827 Fri 19 Feb 62BC 12 Jan, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年正月十二日 Rat, senior metal 庚子
1698829 Sun 21 Feb 62BC 14 Jan, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年正月十四日 Tiger, senior water 壬寅
1698831 Tue 23 Feb 62BC 16 Jan, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年正月十六日 Dragon, senior wood 甲辰
1698836 Sun 28 Feb 62BC 21 Jan, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年正月二十一日 Rooster, junior earth 己酉
1698837 Mon 1 Mar 62BC 22 Jan, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年正月二十二日 Dog, senior metal 庚戌
1698839 Wed 3 Mar 62BC 24 Jan, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年正月二十四日 Rat, senior water 壬子
1698841 Fri 5 Mar 62BC 26 Jan, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年正月二十六日 Tiger, senior wood 甲寅
1698843 Sun 7 Mar 62BC 28 Jan, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年正月二十八日 Dragon, senior fire 丙辰
1698844 Mon 8 Mar 62BC 29 Jan, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年正月二十九日 Snake, junior fire 丁巳
1698845 Tue 9 Mar 62BC 1 Feb, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年二月朔 Horse, senior earth 戊午
1698846 Wed 10 Mar 62BC 2 Feb, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年二月二日 Goat, junior earth 己未 1 Feb
1698850 Sun 14 Mar 62BC 6 Feb, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年二月六日 Pig, junior water 癸亥
1698851 Mon 15 Mar 62BC 7 Feb, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年二月七日 Rat, senior wood 甲子
1698857 Sun 21 Mar 62BC 13 Feb, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年二月十三日 Horse, senior metal 庚午
1698861 Thu 25 Mar 62BC 17 Feb, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年二月十七日 Dog, senior wood 甲戌
1698863 Sat 27 Mar 62BC 19 Feb, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年二月十九日 Rat, senior fire 丙子
1698864 Sun 28 Mar 62BC 20 Feb, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年二月二十日 Ox, junior fire 丁丑
1698867 Wed 31 Mar 62BC 23 Feb, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年二月二十三日 Dragon, senior metal 庚辰
1698868 Thu 1 Apr 62BC 24 Feb, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年二月二十四日 Snake, junior metal 辛巳
1698871 Sun 4 Apr 62BC 27 Feb, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年二月二十七日 Monkey, senior wood 甲申
1698874 Wed 7 Apr 62BC 30 Feb, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年二月三十日 Pig, junior fire 丁亥
1698875 Thu 8 Apr 62BC 1 Mar, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年三月朔 Rat, senior earth 戊子 1 Mar
1698878 Sun 11 Apr 62BC 4 Mar, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年三月四日 Rabbit, junior metal 辛卯
1698881 Wed 14 Apr 62BC 7 Mar, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年三月七日 Horse, senior wood 甲午
1698885 Sun 18 Apr 62BC 11 Mar, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年三月十一日 Dog, senior earth 戊戌
1698887 Tue 20 Apr 62BC 13 Mar, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年三月十三日 Rat, senior metal 庚子
1698891 Sat 24 Apr 62BC 17 Mar, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年三月十七日 Dragon, senior wood 甲辰
1698892 Sun 25 Apr 62BC 18 Mar, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年三月十八日 Snake, junior wood 乙巳
1698897 Fri 30 Apr 62BC 23 Mar, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年三月二十三日 Dog, senior metal 庚戌
1698898 Sat 1 May 62BC 24 Mar, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年三月二十四日 Pig, junior metal 辛亥
1698899 Sun 2 May 62BC 25 Mar, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年三月二十五日 Rat, senior water 壬子
1698901 Tue 4 May 62BC 27 Mar, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年三月二十七日 Tiger, senior wood 甲寅
1698903 Thu 6 May 62BC 29 Mar, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年三月二十九日 Dragon, senior fire 丙辰
1698904 Fri 7 May 62BC 1 Apr, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年四月朔 Snake, junior fire 丁巳
1698905 Sat 8 May 62BC 2 Apr, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年四月二日 Horse, senior earth 戊午 1 Apr
1698906 Sun 9 May 62BC 3 Apr, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年四月三日 Goat, junior earth 己未
1698911 Fri 14 May 62BC 8 Apr, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年四月八日 Rat, senior wood 甲子
1698913 Sun 16 May 62BC 10 Apr, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年四月十日 Tiger, senior fire 丙寅
1698920 Sun 23 May 62BC 17 Apr, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年四月十七日 Rooster, junior water 癸酉
1698921 Mon 24 May 62BC 18 Apr, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年四月十八日 Dog, senior wood 甲戌
1698923 Wed 26 May 62BC 20 Apr, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年四月二十日 Rat, senior fire 丙子
1698927 Sun 30 May 62BC 24 Apr, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年四月二十四日 Dragon, senior metal 庚辰
1698928 Mon 31 May 62BC 25 Apr, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年四月二十五日 Snake, junior metal 辛巳
1698929 Tue 1 Jun 62BC 26 Apr, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年四月二十六日 Horse, senior water 壬午
1698931 Thu 3 Jun 62BC 28 Apr, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年四月二十八日 Monkey, senior wood 甲申
1698933 Sat 5 Jun 62BC 30 Apr, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年四月三十日 Dog, senior fire 丙戌
1698934 Sun 6 Jun 62BC 1 May, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年五月朔 Pig, junior fire 丁亥 1 May
1698935 Mon 7 Jun 62BC 2 May, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年五月二日 Rat, senior earth 戊子
1698941 Sun 13 Jun 62BC 8 May, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年五月八日 Horse, senior wood 甲午
1698947 Sat 19 Jun 62BC 14 May, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年五月十四日 Rat, senior metal 庚子
1698948 Sun 20 Jun 62BC 15 May, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年五月十五日 Ox, junior metal 辛丑
1698951 Wed 23 Jun 62BC 18 May, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年五月十八日 Dragon, senior wood 甲辰
1698955 Sun 27 Jun 62BC 22 May, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年五月二十二日 Monkey, senior earth 戊申
1698958 Wed 30 Jun 62BC 25 May, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年五月二十五日 Pig, junior metal 辛亥
1698959 Thu 1 Jul 62BC 26 May, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年五月二十六日 Rat, senior water 壬子
1698961 Sat 3 Jul 62BC 28 May, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年五月二十八日 Tiger, senior wood 甲寅
1698962 Sun 4 Jul 62BC 29 May, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年五月二十九日 Rabbit, junior wood 乙卯
1698963 Mon 5 Jul 62BC 1 Jun, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年六月朔 Dragon, senior fire 丙辰
1698964 Tue 6 Jul 62BC 2 Jun, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年六月二日 Snake, junior fire 丁巳 1 Jun
1698969 Sun 11 Jul 62BC 7 Jun, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年六月七日 Dog, senior water 壬戌
1698971 Tue 13 Jul 62BC 9 Jun, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年六月九日 Rat, senior wood 甲子
1698976 Sun 18 Jul 62BC 14 Jun, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年六月十四日 Snake, junior earth 己巳
1698981 Fri 23 Jul 62BC 19 Jun, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年六月十九日 Dog, senior wood 甲戌
1698983 Sun 25 Jul 62BC 21 Jun, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年六月二十一日 Rat, senior fire 丙子
1698989 Sat 31 Jul 62BC 27 Jun, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年六月二十七日 Horse, senior water 壬午
1698990 Sun 1 Aug 62BC 28 Jun, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年六月二十八日 Goat, junior water 癸未
1698991 Mon 2 Aug 62BC 29 Jun, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年六月二十九日 Monkey, senior wood 甲申
1698992 Tue 3 Aug 62BC 30 Jun, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年六月三十日 Rooster, junior wood 乙酉
1698993 Wed 4 Aug 62BC 1 Jul, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年七月朔 Dog, senior fire 丙戌 1 Jul
1698995 Fri 6 Aug 62BC 3 Jul, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年七月三日 Rat, senior earth 戊子
1698997 Sun 8 Aug 62BC 5 Jul, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年七月五日 Tiger, senior metal 庚寅
1699001 Thu 12 Aug 62BC 9 Jul, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年七月九日 Horse, senior wood 甲午
1699004 Sun 15 Aug 62BC 12 Jul, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年七月十二日 Rooster, junior fire 丁酉
1699007 Wed 18 Aug 62BC 15 Jul, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年七月十五日 Rat, senior metal 庚子
1699011 Sun 22 Aug 62BC 19 Jul, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年七月十九日 Dragon, senior wood 甲辰
1699018 Sun 29 Aug 62BC 26 Jul, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年七月二十六日 Pig, junior metal 辛亥
1699019 Mon 30 Aug 62BC 27 Jul, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年七月二十七日 Rat, senior water 壬子
1699020 Tue 31 Aug 62BC 28 Jul, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年七月二十八日 Ox, junior water 癸丑
1699021 Wed 1 Sept 62BC 29 Jul, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年七月二十九日 Tiger, senior wood 甲寅
1699022 Thu 2 Sept 62BC 1 Aug, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年八月朔 Rabbit, junior wood 乙卯
1699023 Fri 3 Sept 62BC 2 Aug, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年八月二日 Dragon, senior fire 丙辰 1 Aug
1699025 Sun 5 Sept 62BC 4 Aug, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年八月四日 Horse, senior earth 戊午
1699031 Sat 11 Sept 62BC 10 Aug, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年八月十日 Rat, senior wood 甲子
1699032 Sun 12 Sept 62BC 11 Aug, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年八月十一日 Ox, junior wood 乙丑
1699039 Sun 19 Sept 62BC 18 Aug, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年八月十八日 Monkey, senior water 壬申
1699041 Tue 21 Sept 62BC 20 Aug, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年八月二十日 Dog, senior wood 甲戌
1699043 Thu 23 Sept 62BC 22 Aug, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年八月二十二日 Rat, senior fire 丙子
1699046 Sun 26 Sept 62BC 25 Aug, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年八月二十五日 Rabbit, junior earth 己卯
1699050 Thu 30 Sept 62BC 29 Aug, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年八月二十九日 Goat, junior water 癸未
1699051 Fri 1 Oct 62BC 30 Aug, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年八月三十日 Monkey, senior wood 甲申
1699052 Sat 2 Oct 62BC 1 Sept, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年九月朔 Rooster, junior wood 乙酉 1 Sept
1699053 Sun 3 Oct 62BC 2 Sept, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年九月二日 Dog, senior fire 丙戌
1699055 Tue 5 Oct 62BC 4 Sept, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年九月四日 Rat, senior earth 戊子
1699060 Sun 10 Oct 62BC 9 Sept, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年九月九日 Snake, junior water 癸巳
1699061 Mon 11 Oct 62BC 10 Sept, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年九月十日 Horse, senior wood 甲午
1699067 Sun 17 Oct 62BC 16 Sept, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年九月十六日 Rat, senior metal 庚子
1699071 Thu 21 Oct 62BC 20 Sept, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年九月二十日 Dragon, senior wood 甲辰
1699074 Sun 24 Oct 62BC 23 Sept, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年九月二十三日 Goat, junior fire 丁未
1699079 Fri 29 Oct 62BC 28 Sept, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年九月二十八日 Rat, senior water 壬子
1699080 Sat 30 Oct 62BC 29 Sept, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年九月二十九日 Ox, junior water 癸丑
1699081 Sun 31 Oct 62BC 1 Oct, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年十月朔 Tiger, senior wood 甲寅
1699082 Mon 1 Nov 62BC 2 Oct, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年十月二日 Rabbit, junior wood 乙卯 1 Oct
1699088 Sun 7 Nov 62BC 8 Oct, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年十月八日 Rooster, junior metal 辛酉
1699091 Wed 10 Nov 62BC 11 Oct, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年十月十一日 Rat, senior wood 甲子
1699095 Sun 14 Nov 62BC 15 Oct, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年十月十五日 Dragon, senior earth 戊辰
1699101 Sat 20 Nov 62BC 21 Oct, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年十月二十一日 Dog, senior wood 甲戌
1699102 Sun 21 Nov 62BC 22 Oct, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年十月二十二日 Pig, junior wood 乙亥
1699103 Mon 22 Nov 62BC 23 Oct, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年十月二十三日 Rat, senior fire 丙子
1699109 Sun 28 Nov 62BC 29 Oct, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年十月二十九日 Horse, senior water 壬午
1699110 Mon 29 Nov 62BC 30 Oct, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年十月三十日 Goat, junior water 癸未
1699111 Tue 30 Nov 62BC 1 Nov, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年十一月朔 Monkey, senior wood 甲申 1 Nov
1699112 Wed 1 Dec 62BC 2 Nov, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年十一月二日 Rooster, junior wood 乙酉
1699115 Sat 4 Dec 62BC 5 Nov, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年十一月五日 Rat, senior earth 戊子
1699116 Sun 5 Dec 62BC 6 Nov, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年十一月六日 Ox, junior earth 己丑
1699121 Fri 10 Dec 62BC 11 Nov, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年十一月十一日 Horse, senior wood 甲午
1699123 Sun 12 Dec 62BC 13 Nov, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年十一月十三日 Monkey, senior fire 丙申
1699127 Thu 16 Dec 62BC 17 Nov, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年十一月十七日 Rat, senior metal 庚子
1699130 Sun 19 Dec 62BC 20 Nov, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年十一月二十日 Rabbit, junior water 癸卯
1699131 Mon 20 Dec 62BC 21 Nov, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年十一月二十一日 Dragon, senior wood 甲辰
1699137 Sun 26 Dec 62BC 27 Nov, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年十一月二十七日 Dog, senior metal 庚戌
1699139 Tue 28 Dec 62BC 29 Nov, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年十一月二十九日 Rat, senior water 壬子
1699140 Wed 29 Dec 62BC 30 Nov, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年十一月三十日 Ox, junior water 癸丑
1699141 Thu 30 Dec 62BC 1 Dec, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年十二月朔 Tiger, senior wood 甲寅 1 Dec
1699142 Fri 31 Dec 62BC 2 Dec, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年十二月二日 Rabbit, junior wood 乙卯 last day of the year on JC
1699143 Sat 1 Jan 61BC 3 Dec, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年十二月三日 Dragon, senior fire 丙辰
1699144 Sun 2 Jan 61BC 4 Dec, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年十二月四日 Snake, junior fire 丁巳
1699151 Sun 9 Jan 61BC 11 Dec, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年十二月十一日 Rat, senior wood 甲子
1699158 Sun 16 Jan 61BC 18 Dec, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年十二月十八日 Goat, junior metal 辛未
1699161 Wed 19 Jan 61BC 21 Dec, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年十二月二十一日 Dog, senior wood 甲戌
1699163 Fri 21 Jan 61BC 23 Dec, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年十二月二十三日 Rat, senior fire 丙子
1699165 Sun 23 Jan 61BC 25 Dec, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年十二月二十五日 Tiger, senior earth 戊寅
1699169 Thu 27 Jan 61BC 29 Dec, 36th of Sujin 崇神三十六年十二月二十九日 Horse, senior water 壬午 last day of the year on JOS

Persons of the year


title holder note
Emperor of Japan Emperor Sujin

World monarchs, etc.

title holder note
Emperor of China, Han dynasty Emperor Xuan


calendar year
63BC 62BC
36th of Sujin