5th class of Military Academy (Japanese Army)

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5th class of Military Academy


seat name final rank honor other title fate Military College origin division note
Hishikari Takashi General 31 Jul 1952 died 16th class Kagoshima Infantry
Inoue Kazutsugu Lt General unknown 15th class Ishikawa Infantry
Kanaya Hanzo General 6 Jun 1933 died 15th class Oita Infantry
Kishimoto Shikataro General 3 Sep 1942 died 15th class Okayama Infantry
Muraoka Chotaro Lt General 19 Aug 1930 died 16th class Saga Infantry
Suzuki Kazuma Lt General 19 Jul 1961 died Aomori Artillery
Tsuno Ichisuke Lt General 24 Feb 1928 died 15th class Yamaguchi Infantry
Yamada Ryonosuke Lt General 12 Feb 1937 died 16th class Wakayama Infantry
Yoshida Toyohiko General 10 Jan 1951 died Kagoshima Artillery