4th class of Military Academy (Japanese Army)

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4th class of Military Academy


seat name final rank honor other title fate Military College origin division note
Hamaomote Matasuke Lt General 22 Jun 1944 died 14th class Wakayama Infantry
Higashi Otohiko Lt General 13 Oct 1936 died 14th class Yamaguchi Artillery
Inoue Ikutaro General 7 May 1965 died 14th class Yamaguchi Pioneer
Isomura Toshi General 12 Sept 1961 died 14th class Shiga Artillery
Matsumura Hokichi Lt General 1 Jun 1925 died Fukui Pioneer
Mukainishi Hyogo Lt General unknown 15th class Hiroshima Infantry
Nishihara Shigetaro Lt General 21 Dec 1935 died Fukuoka Pioneer
Okada Shigehisa Lt General 8 Aug 1936 died 15th class Kochi Infantry
Shoda Toji Lt General 17 May 1945 died Fukui Pioneer
Tanaka Kunishige General 9 Mar 1941 died 14th class Kagoshima Cavalry
Tanida Shigetaro Lt General 5 Jul 1938 died Osaka Pioneer
Watanabe Tametaro Lt General 8 Apr 1925 died 13th class Tokyo Cavalry
Yuhara Kanzo Lt General 6 Dec 1940 died 15th class Mie Infantry