4th Guard Infantry Regiment (Japanese Army)

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4th Guard Infantry Regiment 近衛歩兵第四聯隊 Konoe Hohei Dai Yon Rentai



no date of
rank name class previous job next job note
28 Apr 1887 Lt Colonel, Inf Prince Sadanaru Cdr, 4th Inf Brigade 3 Nov 1887 Colonel
8 Dec 1892
13 Oct 1897 Colonel, Inf Ichinohe Hyoe Staff, Middle Headquarter CoS, 6th Division
1 Oct 1898 Colonel, Inf Tanida Fumie Cdt, Central Cadet School Staff, Army Const Office
13 Mar 1899
18 Dec 1912 Colonel, Inf Muto Nobuyoshi 3rd class, MA Chief, Euro&US Sect, 2nd Bu, General Staffs Chief, Ope Sect, 1st Bu, General Staffs
10 Apr 1915
1 Aug 1929 Colonel, Inf Kawagishi Bunzaburo 15th class, MA Aide-de-camp to the Emperor Aide-de-camp to the Emperor
1 Aug 1931