3rd Guard Infantry Regiment (Japanese Army)

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3rd Guard Infantry Regiment 近衛歩兵第三聯隊 Konoe Hohei Dai San Rentai



no date of
rank name class previous job next job note
27 May 1885 Lt Colonel, Inf Tatsumi Naofumi Cdr, 1st Inf Regiment CoS, 3rd Division 16 Nov 1887 Colonel
12 Mar 1889
11 Oct 1897 Colonel, Inf Kamio Mitsuomi Military Attache to China Att, Guard Division
7 Apr 1899 Colonel, Inf Oshima Hisanao Cdr, 11th Inf Regiment Cdt, Military College
13 Jun 1890
9 Feb 1900 Colonel, Inf Yoshida Seiichi Cdr, 46th Inf Regiment Cdr, 13th Inf Brigade
3 Nov 1901
10 Feb 1906 Lt Colonel, Inf Hashimoto Katsutaro 8th class, Cadet CoS, 1st Reserve Division CoS, 1st Division 14 Dec 1906 Colonel
13 Nov 1907
25 Jul 1919 Colonel, Inf Terauchi Hisaichi 11th class, MA CoS, Guard Division
10 Jan 1922
10 Mar 1928 Colonel, Inf Prince Naruhiko 20th class, MA Att, 1st Division HQ Att, General Staffs
10 Dec 1929