34th class of Naval Academy (Japanese Navy)

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34th class of Naval Academy


seat name final rank honor other title fate Naval College origin note
2 Sato Saburo Vice Admiral 19 Aug 1938 died 16th class Fukushima
4 Sonoda Minoru Rear Admiral Baron 8 Oct 1937 died 16th class Tokyo
14 Koga Mineichi Admiral of the Fleet 31 Mar 1944 killed by accident 15th class Saga
15 Hibino Masaharu Vice Admiral 7 Mar 1947 died 15th class Aichi
21 Katagiri Eikichi Vice Admiral 16 Aug 1972 died 16th class Yamagata
23 Wada Senzo Vice Admiral 29 Sept 1974 died Yamaguchi
24 Sumiyama Tokutaro Vice Admiral 30 Nov 1962 died 17th class Tokyo
59 Hirata Noboru Vice Admiral 19 May 1958 died 18th class Tokyo