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34BC is a year.

Basic information

  • normal year.
  • starts with:
    • Julian Day 1709005, Friday (Julian Calendar)
  • Proleptic Gregorian calendar date is 2 day behind of Julian calendar date.

Japanese Old Style Calendar

  • Corresponds to: 64th year of Emperor Sujin's reign (崇神六十四年).
  • Year of Pig, minor fire (丁亥).
  • leap year. After normal May, leap May was inserted.
  • starts with: Julian Day 1709033, Friday. Day of Horse, senior fire (丙午).

Chinese lunisolar calendar

  • Year of Pig, minor fire (丁亥).
  • leap year. After normal April, leap April was inserted.
  • starts with: Julian Day 1709033, Friday. Day of Horse, senior fire (丙午).
  • corresponds to:
    • (Han dynasty) 5th year of the Jianzhao era (建昭五年)


Old Style
Old Style
Sexagenary cycle
1709005 Fri 1 Jan 34BC 2 Dec, 63rd of Sujin 崇神六十三年十二月二日 Tiger, senior earth 戊寅 new year day on JC
1709007 Sun 3 Jan 34BC 4 Dec, 63rd of Sujin 崇神六十三年十二月四日 Dragon, senior metal 庚辰
1709011 Thu 7 Jan 34BC 8 Dec, 63rd of Sujin 崇神六十三年十二月八日 Monkey, senior wood 甲申
1709014 Sun 10 Jan 34BC 11 Dec, 63rd of Sujin 崇神六十三年十二月十一日 Pig, junior fire 丁亥
1709015 Mon 11 Jan 34BC 12 Dec, 63rd of Sujin 崇神六十三年十二月十二日 Rat, senior earth 戊子
1709021 Sun 17 Jan 34BC 18 Dec, 63rd of Sujin 崇神六十三年十二月十八日 Horse, senior wood 甲午
1709027 Sat 23 Jan 34BC 24 Dec, 63rd of Sujin 崇神六十三年十二月二十四日 Rat, senior metal 庚子
1709028 Sun 24 Jan 34BC 25 Dec, 63rd of Sujin 崇神六十三年十二月二十五日 Ox, junior metal 辛丑
1709031 Wed 27 Jan 34BC 28 Dec, 63rd of Sujin 崇神六十三年十二月二十八日 Dragon, senior wood 甲辰
1709032 Thu 28 Jan 34BC 29 Dec, 63rd of Sujin 崇神六十三年十二月二十九日 Snake, junior wood 乙巳
1709033 Fri 29 Jan 34BC 1 Jan, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年正月朔 Horse, senior fire 丙午 1 Jan new year day on JOS
1709035 Sun 31 Jan 34BC 3 Jan, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年正月三日 Monkey, senior earth 戊申
1709036 Mon 1 Feb 34BC 4 Jan, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年正月四日 Rooster, junior earth 己酉
1709039 Thu 4 Feb 34BC 7 Jan, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年正月七日 Rat, senior water 壬子
1709041 Sat 6 Feb 34BC 9 Jan, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年正月九日 Tiger, senior wood 甲寅
1709042 Sun 7 Feb 34BC 10 Jan, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年正月十日 Rabbit, junior wood 乙卯
1709049 Sun 14 Feb 34BC 17 Jan, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年正月十七日 Dog, senior water 壬戌
1709051 Tue 16 Feb 34BC 19 Jan, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年正月十九日 Rat, senior wood 甲子
1709056 Sun 21 Feb 34BC 24 Jan, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年正月二十四日 Snake, junior earth 己巳
1709061 Fri 26 Feb 34BC 29 Jan, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年正月二十九日 Dog, senior wood 甲戌
1709062 Sat 27 Feb 34BC 30 Jan, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年正月三十日 Pig, junior wood 乙亥
1709063 Sun 28 Feb 34BC 1 Feb, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年二月朔 Rat, senior fire 丙子 1 Feb
1709064 Mon 1 Mar 34BC 2 Feb, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年二月二日 Ox, junior fire 丁丑
1709070 Sun 7 Mar 34BC 8 Feb, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年二月八日 Goat, junior water 癸未
1709071 Mon 8 Mar 34BC 9 Feb, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年二月九日 Monkey, senior wood 甲申
1709075 Fri 12 Mar 34BC 13 Feb, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年二月十三日 Rat, senior earth 戊子
1709077 Sun 14 Mar 34BC 15 Feb, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年二月十五日 Tiger, senior metal 庚寅
1709081 Thu 18 Mar 34BC 19 Feb, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年二月十九日 Horse, senior wood 甲午
1709084 Sun 21 Mar 34BC 22 Feb, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年二月二十二日 Rooster, junior fire 丁酉
1709087 Wed 24 Mar 34BC 25 Feb, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年二月二十五日 Rat, senior metal 庚子
1709091 Sun 28 Mar 34BC 29 Feb, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年二月二十九日 Dragon, senior wood 甲辰
1709092 Mon 29 Mar 34BC 1 Mar, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年三月朔 Snake, junior wood 乙巳
1709093 Tue 30 Mar 34BC 2 Mar, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年三月二日 Horse, senior fire 丙午 1 Mar
1709094 Wed 31 Mar 34BC 3 Mar, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年三月三日 Goat, junior fire 丁未
1709095 Thu 1 Apr 34BC 4 Mar, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年三月四日 Monkey, senior earth 戊申
1709098 Sun 4 Apr 34BC 7 Mar, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年三月七日 Pig, junior metal 辛亥
1709099 Mon 5 Apr 34BC 8 Mar, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年三月八日 Rat, senior water 壬子
1709101 Wed 7 Apr 34BC 10 Mar, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年三月十日 Tiger, senior wood 甲寅
1709105 Sun 11 Apr 34BC 14 Mar, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年三月十四日 Horse, senior earth 戊午
1709111 Sat 17 Apr 34BC 20 Mar, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年三月二十日 Rat, senior wood 甲子
1709112 Sun 18 Apr 34BC 21 Mar, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年三月二十一日 Ox, junior wood 乙丑
1709119 Sun 25 Apr 34BC 28 Mar, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年三月二十八日 Monkey, senior water 壬申
1709121 Tue 27 Apr 34BC 30 Mar, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年三月三十日 Dog, senior wood 甲戌
1709122 Wed 28 Apr 34BC 1 Apr, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年四月朔 Pig, junior wood 乙亥 1 Apr
1709123 Thu 29 Apr 34BC 2 Apr, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年四月二日 Rat, senior fire 丙子
1709124 Fri 30 Apr 34BC 3 Apr, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年四月三日 Ox, junior fire 丁丑
1709125 Sat 1 May 34BC 4 Apr, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年四月四日 Tiger, senior earth 戊寅
1709126 Sun 2 May 34BC 5 Apr, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年四月五日 Rabbit, junior earth 己卯
1709131 Fri 7 May 34BC 10 Apr, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年四月十日 Monkey, senior wood 甲申
1709133 Sun 9 May 34BC 12 Apr, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年四月十二日 Dog, senior fire 丙戌
1709135 Tue 11 May 34BC 14 Apr, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年四月十四日 Rat, senior earth 戊子
1709140 Sun 16 May 34BC 19 Apr, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年四月十九日 Snake, junior water 癸巳
1709141 Mon 17 May 34BC 20 Apr, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年四月二十日 Horse, senior wood 甲午
1709147 Sun 23 May 34BC 26 Apr, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年四月二十六日 Rat, senior metal 庚子
1709150 Wed 26 May 34BC 29 Apr, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年四月二十九日 Rabbit, junior water 癸卯
1709151 Thu 27 May 34BC 1 May, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年五月朔 Dragon, senior wood 甲辰
1709152 Fri 28 May 34BC 2 May, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年五月二日 Snake, junior wood 乙巳 1 leap Apr
1709154 Sun 30 May 34BC 4 May, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年五月四日 Goat, junior fire 丁未
1709155 Mon 31 May 34BC 5 May, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年五月五日 Monkey, senior earth 戊申
1709156 Tue 1 Jun 34BC 6 May, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年五月六日 Rooster, junior earth 己酉
1709159 Fri 4 Jun 34BC 9 May, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年五月九日 Rat, senior water 壬子
1709161 Sun 6 Jun 34BC 11 May, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年五月十一日 Tiger, senior wood 甲寅
1709168 Sun 13 Jun 34BC 18 May, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年五月十八日 Rooster, junior metal 辛酉
1709171 Wed 16 Jun 34BC 21 May, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年五月二十一日 Rat, senior wood 甲子
1709175 Sun 20 Jun 34BC 25 May, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年五月二十五日 Dragon, senior earth 戊辰
1709180 Fri 25 Jun 34BC 30 May, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年五月三十日 Rooster, junior water 癸酉
1709181 Sat 26 Jun 34BC 1 leap May, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年閏五月朔 Dog, senior wood 甲戌 1 May
1709182 Sun 27 Jun 34BC 2 leap May, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年閏五月二日 Pig, junior wood 乙亥
1709183 Mon 28 Jun 34BC 3 leap May, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年閏五月三日 Rat, senior fire 丙子
1709185 Wed 30 Jun 34BC 5 leap May, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年閏五月五日 Tiger, senior earth 戊寅
1709186 Thu 1 Jul 34BC 6 leap May, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年閏五月六日 Rabbit, junior earth 己卯
1709189 Sun 4 Jul 34BC 9 leap May, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年閏五月九日 Horse, senior water 壬午
1709191 Tue 6 Jul 34BC 11 leap May, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年閏五月十一日 Monkey, senior wood 甲申
1709195 Sat 10 Jul 34BC 15 leap May, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年閏五月十五日 Rat, senior earth 戊子
1709196 Sun 11 Jul 34BC 16 leap May, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年閏五月十六日 Ox, junior earth 己丑
1709201 Fri 16 Jul 34BC 21 leap May, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年閏五月二十一日 Horse, senior wood 甲午
1709203 Sun 18 Jul 34BC 23 leap May, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年閏五月二十三日 Monkey, senior fire 丙申
1709207 Thu 22 Jul 34BC 27 leap May, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年閏五月二十七日 Rat, senior metal 庚子
1709209 Sat 24 Jul 34BC 29 leap May, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年閏五月二十九日 Tiger, senior water 壬寅
1709210 Sun 25 Jul 34BC 1 Jun, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年六月朔 Rabbit, junior water 癸卯
1709211 Mon 26 Jul 34BC 2 Jun, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年六月二日 Dragon, senior wood 甲辰 1 Jun
1709216 Sat 31 Jul 34BC 7 Jun, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年六月七日 Rooster, junior earth 己酉
1709217 Sun 1 Aug 34BC 8 Jun, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年六月八日 Dog, senior metal 庚戌
1709219 Tue 3 Aug 34BC 10 Jun, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年六月十日 Rat, senior water 壬子
1709221 Thu 5 Aug 34BC 12 Jun, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年六月十二日 Tiger, senior wood 甲寅
1709224 Sun 8 Aug 34BC 15 Jun, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年六月十五日 Snake, junior fire 丁巳
1709231 Sun 15 Aug 34BC 22 Jun, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年六月二十二日 Rat, senior wood 甲子
1709238 Sun 22 Aug 34BC 29 Jun, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年六月二十九日 Goat, junior metal 辛未
1709239 Mon 23 Aug 34BC 30 Jun, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年六月三十日 Monkey, senior water 壬申
1709240 Tue 24 Aug 34BC 1 Jul, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年七月朔 Rooster, junior water 癸酉 1 Jul
1709241 Wed 25 Aug 34BC 2 Jul, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年七月二日 Dog, senior wood 甲戌
1709243 Fri 27 Aug 34BC 4 Jul, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年七月四日 Rat, senior fire 丙子
1709245 Sun 29 Aug 34BC 6 Jul, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年七月六日 Tiger, senior earth 戊寅
1709247 Tue 31 Aug 34BC 8 Jul, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年七月八日 Dragon, senior metal 庚辰
1709248 Wed 1 Sept 34BC 9 Jul, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年七月九日 Snake, junior metal 辛巳
1709251 Sat 4 Sept 34BC 12 Jul, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年七月十二日 Monkey, senior wood 甲申
1709252 Sun 5 Sept 34BC 13 Jul, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年七月十三日 Rooster, junior wood 乙酉
1709255 Wed 8 Sept 34BC 16 Jul, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年七月十六日 Rat, senior earth 戊子
1709259 Sun 12 Sept 34BC 20 Jul, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年七月二十日 Dragon, senior water 壬辰
1709261 Tue 14 Sept 34BC 22 Jul, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年七月二十二日 Horse, senior wood 甲午
1709266 Sun 19 Sept 34BC 27 Jul, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年七月二十七日 Pig, junior earth 己亥
1709267 Mon 20 Sept 34BC 28 Jul, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年七月二十八日 Rat, senior metal 庚子
1709269 Wed 22 Sept 34BC 30 Jul, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年七月三十日 Tiger, senior water 壬寅
1709270 Thu 23 Sept 34BC 1 Aug, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年八月朔 Rabbit, junior water 癸卯 1 Aug
1709271 Fri 24 Sept 34BC 2 Aug, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年八月二日 Dragon, senior wood 甲辰
1709273 Sun 26 Sept 34BC 4 Aug, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年八月四日 Horse, senior fire 丙午
1709277 Thu 30 Sept 34BC 8 Aug, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年八月八日 Dog, senior metal 庚戌
1709278 Fri 1 Oct 34BC 9 Aug, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年八月九日 Pig, junior metal 辛亥
1709279 Sat 2 Oct 34BC 10 Aug, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年八月十日 Rat, senior water 壬子
1709280 Sun 3 Oct 34BC 11 Aug, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年八月十一日 Ox, junior water 癸丑
1709281 Mon 4 Oct 34BC 12 Aug, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年八月十二日 Tiger, senior wood 甲寅
1709287 Sun 10 Oct 34BC 18 Aug, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年八月十八日 Monkey, senior metal 庚申
1709291 Thu 14 Oct 34BC 22 Aug, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年八月二十二日 Rat, senior wood 甲子
1709294 Sun 17 Oct 34BC 25 Aug, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年八月二十五日 Rabbit, junior fire 丁卯
1709298 Thu 21 Oct 34BC 29 Aug, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年八月二十九日 Goat, junior metal 辛未
1709299 Fri 22 Oct 34BC 1 Sept, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年九月朔 Monkey, senior water 壬申
1709300 Sat 23 Oct 34BC 2 Sept, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年九月二日 Rooster, junior water 癸酉 1 Sept
1709301 Sun 24 Oct 34BC 3 Sept, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年九月三日 Dog, senior wood 甲戌
1709303 Tue 26 Oct 34BC 5 Sept, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年九月五日 Rat, senior fire 丙子
1709308 Sun 31 Oct 34BC 10 Sept, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年九月十日 Snake, junior metal 辛巳
1709309 Mon 1 Nov 34BC 11 Sept, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年九月十一日 Horse, senior water 壬午
1709311 Wed 3 Nov 34BC 13 Sept, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年九月十三日 Monkey, senior wood 甲申
1709315 Sun 7 Nov 34BC 17 Sept, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年九月十七日 Rat, senior earth 戊子
1709321 Sat 13 Nov 34BC 23 Sept, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年九月二十三日 Horse, senior wood 甲午
1709322 Sun 14 Nov 34BC 24 Sept, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年九月二十四日 Goat, junior wood 乙未
1709327 Fri 19 Nov 34BC 29 Sept, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年九月二十九日 Rat, senior metal 庚子
1709328 Sat 20 Nov 34BC 30 Sept, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年九月三十日 Ox, junior metal 辛丑
1709329 Sun 21 Nov 34BC 1 Oct, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年十月朔 Tiger, senior water 壬寅 1 Oct
1709331 Tue 23 Nov 34BC 3 Oct, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年十月三日 Dragon, senior wood 甲辰
1709336 Sun 28 Nov 34BC 8 Oct, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年十月八日 Rooster, junior earth 己酉
1709338 Tue 30 Nov 34BC 10 Oct, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年十月十日 Pig, junior metal 辛亥
1709339 Wed 1 Dec 34BC 11 Oct, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年十月十一日 Rat, senior water 壬子
1709341 Fri 3 Dec 34BC 13 Oct, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年十月十三日 Tiger, senior wood 甲寅
1709343 Sun 5 Dec 34BC 15 Oct, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年十月十五日 Dragon, senior fire 丙辰
1709350 Sun 12 Dec 34BC 22 Oct, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年十月二十二日 Pig, junior water 癸亥
1709351 Mon 13 Dec 34BC 23 Oct, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年十月二十三日 Rat, senior wood 甲子
1709357 Sun 19 Dec 34BC 29 Oct, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年十月二十九日 Horse, senior metal 庚午
1709358 Mon 20 Dec 34BC 1 Nov, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年十一月朔 Goat, junior metal 辛未
1709359 Tue 21 Dec 34BC 2 Nov, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年十一月二日 Monkey, senior water 壬申 1 Nov
1709361 Thu 23 Dec 34BC 4 Nov, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年十一月四日 Dog, senior wood 甲戌
1709363 Sat 25 Dec 34BC 6 Nov, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年十一月六日 Rat, senior fire 丙子
1709364 Sun 26 Dec 34BC 7 Nov, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年十一月七日 Ox, junior fire 丁丑
1709369 Fri 31 Dec 34BC 12 Nov, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年十一月十二日 Horse, senior water 壬午 last day of the year on JC
1709370 Sat 1 Jan 33BC 13 Nov, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年十一月十三日 Goat, junior water 癸未
1709371 Sun 2 Jan 33BC 14 Nov, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年十一月十四日 Monkey, senior wood 甲申
1709375 Thu 6 Jan 33BC 18 Nov, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年十一月十八日 Rat, senior earth 戊子
1709378 Sun 9 Jan 33BC 21 Nov, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年十一月二十一日 Rabbit, junior metal 辛卯
1709381 Wed 12 Jan 33BC 24 Nov, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年十一月二十四日 Horse, senior wood 甲午
1709385 Sun 16 Jan 33BC 28 Nov, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年十一月二十八日 Dog, senior earth 戊戌
1709387 Tue 18 Jan 33BC 30 Nov, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年十一月三十日 Rat, senior metal 庚子
1709388 Wed 19 Jan 33BC 1 Dec, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年十二月朔 Ox, junior metal 辛丑 1 Dec
1709391 Sat 22 Jan 33BC 4 Dec, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年十二月四日 Dragon, senior wood 甲辰
1709392 Sun 23 Jan 33BC 5 Dec, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年十二月五日 Snake, junior wood 乙巳
1709399 Sun 30 Jan 33BC 12 Dec, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年十二月十二日 Rat, senior water 壬子
1709400 Mon 31 Jan 33BC 13 Dec, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年十二月十三日 Ox, junior water 癸丑
1709401 Tue 1 Feb 33BC 14 Dec, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年十二月十四日 Tiger, senior wood 甲寅
1709406 Sun 6 Feb 33BC 19 Dec, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年十二月十九日 Goat, junior earth 己未
1709411 Fri 11 Feb 33BC 24 Dec, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年十二月二十四日 Rat, senior wood 甲子
1709413 Sun 13 Feb 33BC 26 Dec, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年十二月二十六日 Tiger, senior fire 丙寅
1709416 Wed 16 Feb 33BC 29 Dec, 64th of Sujin 崇神六十四年十二月二十九日 Snake, junior earth 己巳 last day of the year on JOS
1709417 Thu 17 Feb 33BC 1 Jan, 65th of Sujin 崇神六十五年正月朔 Horse, senior metal 庚午 last day of the year on CLS

Persons of the year


title holder note
Emperor of Japan Emperor Sujin

World monarchs, etc.

title holder note
Emperor of China, Han dynasty Emperor Yuan


calendar year
35BC 34BC
64th of Sujin