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32BC is a year.

Basic information

  • normal year.
  • starts with:
    • Julian Day 1709736, Monday (Proleptic Julian Calendar)
  • Proleptic Gregorian calendar date is 2 day behind of Julian calendar date.

Japanese Old Style Calendar

  • Corresponds to: 66th year of Emperor Sujin's reign (崇神六十六年).
  • Year of Ox, junior earth (己丑).
  • normal year.
  • starts with: Julian Day 1709772, Tuesday. Day of Ox, junior wood (乙丑).


Old Style
Old Style
Sexagenary cycle
1709736 Mon 1 Jan 32BC 25 Nov, 65th of Sujin 崇神六十五年十一月二十五日 Ox, junior earth 己丑 new year day on JC
1709741 Sat 6 Jan 32BC 30 Nov, 65th of Sujin 崇神六十五年十一月三十日 Horse, senior wood 甲午
1709742 Sun 7 Jan 32BC 1 Dec, 65th of Sujin 崇神六十五年十二月朔 Goat, junior wood 乙未
1709743 Mon 8 Jan 32BC 2 Dec, 65th of Sujin 崇神六十五年十二月二日 Monkey, senior fire 丙申 1 Dec
1709747 Fri 12 Jan 32BC 6 Dec, 65th of Sujin 崇神六十五年十二月六日 Rat, senior metal 庚子
1709749 Sun 14 Jan 32BC 8 Dec, 65th of Sujin 崇神六十五年十二月八日 Tiger, senior water 壬寅
1709751 Tue 16 Jan 32BC 10 Dec, 65th of Sujin 崇神六十五年十二月十日 Dragon, senior wood 甲辰
1709756 Sun 21 Jan 32BC 15 Dec, 65th of Sujin 崇神六十五年十二月十五日 Rooster, junior earth 己酉
1709759 Wed 24 Jan 32BC 18 Dec, 65th of Sujin 崇神六十五年十二月十八日 Rat, senior water 壬子
1709761 Fri 26 Jan 32BC 20 Dec, 65th of Sujin 崇神六十五年十二月二十日 Tiger, senior wood 甲寅
1709763 Sun 28 Jan 32BC 22 Dec, 65th of Sujin 崇神六十五年十二月二十二日 Dragon, senior fire 丙辰
1709766 Wed 31 Jan 32BC 25 Dec, 65th of Sujin 崇神六十五年十二月二十五日 Goat, junior earth 己未
1709767 Thu 1 Feb 32BC 26 Dec, 65th of Sujin 崇神六十五年十二月二十六日 Monkey, senior metal 庚申
1709770 Sun 4 Feb 32BC 29 Dec, 65th of Sujin 崇神六十五年十二月二十九日 Pig, junior water 癸亥
1709771 Mon 5 Feb 32BC 30 Dec, 65th of Sujin 崇神六十五年十二月三十日 Rat, senior wood 甲子
1709772 Tue 6 Feb 32BC 1 Jan, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年正月朔 Ox, junior wood 乙丑 1 Jan new year day on JOS
1709777 Sun 11 Feb 32BC 6 Jan, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年正月六日 Horse, senior metal 庚午
1709781 Thu 15 Feb 32BC 10 Jan, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年正月十日 Dog, senior wood 甲戌
1709783 Sat 17 Feb 32BC 12 Jan, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年正月十二日 Rat, senior fire 丙子
1709784 Sun 18 Feb 32BC 13 Jan, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年正月十三日 Ox, junior fire 丁丑
1709791 Sun 25 Feb 32BC 20 Jan, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年正月二十日 Monkey, senior wood 甲申
1709794 Wed 28 Feb 32BC 23 Jan, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年正月二十三日 Pig, junior fire 丁亥
1709795 Thu 1 Mar 32BC 24 Jan, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年正月二十四日 Rat, senior earth 戊子
1709798 Sun 4 Mar 32BC 27 Jan, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年正月二十七日 Rabbit, junior metal 辛卯
1709800 Tue 6 Mar 32BC 29 Jan, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年正月二十九日 Snake, junior water 癸巳
1709801 Wed 7 Mar 32BC 1 Feb, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年二月朔 Horse, senior wood 甲午
1709802 Thu 8 Mar 32BC 2 Feb, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年二月二日 Goat, junior wood 乙未 1 Feb
1709805 Sun 11 Mar 32BC 5 Feb, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年二月五日 Dog, senior earth 戊戌
1709807 Tue 13 Mar 32BC 7 Feb, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年二月七日 Rat, senior metal 庚子
1709811 Sat 17 Mar 32BC 11 Feb, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年二月十一日 Dragon, senior wood 甲辰
1709812 Sun 18 Mar 32BC 12 Feb, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年二月十二日 Snake, junior wood 乙巳
1709819 Sun 25 Mar 32BC 19 Feb, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年二月十九日 Rat, senior water 壬子
1709821 Tue 27 Mar 32BC 21 Feb, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年二月二十一日 Tiger, senior wood 甲寅
1709825 Sat 31 Mar 32BC 25 Feb, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年二月二十五日 Horse, senior earth 戊午
1709826 Sun 1 Apr 32BC 26 Feb, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年二月二十六日 Goat, junior earth 己未
1709830 Thu 5 Apr 32BC 30 Feb, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年二月三十日 Pig, junior water 癸亥
1709831 Fri 6 Apr 32BC 1 Mar, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年三月朔 Rat, senior wood 甲子 1 Mar
1709833 Sun 8 Apr 32BC 3 Mar, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年三月三日 Tiger, senior fire 丙寅
1709840 Sun 15 Apr 32BC 10 Mar, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年三月十日 Rooster, junior water 癸酉
1709841 Mon 16 Apr 32BC 11 Mar, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年三月十一日 Dog, senior wood 甲戌
1709843 Wed 18 Apr 32BC 13 Mar, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年三月十三日 Rat, senior fire 丙子
1709847 Sun 22 Apr 32BC 17 Mar, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年三月十七日 Dragon, senior metal 庚辰
1709851 Thu 26 Apr 32BC 21 Mar, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年三月二十一日 Monkey, senior wood 甲申
1709854 Sun 29 Apr 32BC 24 Mar, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年三月二十四日 Pig, junior fire 丁亥
1709855 Mon 30 Apr 32BC 25 Mar, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年三月二十五日 Rat, senior earth 戊子
1709856 Tue 1 May 32BC 26 Mar, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年三月二十六日 Ox, junior earth 己丑
1709859 Fri 4 May 32BC 29 Mar, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年三月二十九日 Dragon, senior water 壬辰
1709860 Sat 5 May 32BC 1 Apr, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年四月朔 Snake, junior water 癸巳
1709861 Sun 6 May 32BC 2 Apr, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年四月二日 Horse, senior wood 甲午 1 Apr
1709867 Sat 12 May 32BC 8 Apr, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年四月八日 Rat, senior metal 庚子
1709868 Sun 13 May 32BC 9 Apr, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年四月九日 Ox, junior metal 辛丑
1709871 Wed 16 May 32BC 12 Apr, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年四月十二日 Dragon, senior wood 甲辰
1709875 Sun 20 May 32BC 16 Apr, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年四月十六日 Monkey, senior earth 戊申
1709879 Thu 24 May 32BC 20 Apr, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年四月二十日 Rat, senior water 壬子
1709881 Sat 26 May 32BC 22 Apr, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年四月二十二日 Tiger, senior wood 甲寅
1709882 Sun 27 May 32BC 23 Apr, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年四月二十三日 Rabbit, junior wood 乙卯
1709886 Thu 31 May 32BC 27 Apr, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年四月二十七日 Goat, junior earth 己未
1709887 Fri 1 Jun 32BC 28 Apr, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年四月二十八日 Monkey, senior metal 庚申
1709889 Sun 3 Jun 32BC 30 Apr, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年四月三十日 Dog, senior water 壬戌
1709890 Mon 4 Jun 32BC 1 May, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年五月朔 Pig, junior water 癸亥 1 May
1709891 Tue 5 Jun 32BC 2 May, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年五月二日 Rat, senior wood 甲子
1709896 Sun 10 Jun 32BC 7 May, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年五月七日 Snake, junior earth 己巳
1709901 Fri 15 Jun 32BC 12 May, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年五月十二日 Dog, senior wood 甲戌
1709903 Sun 17 Jun 32BC 14 May, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年五月十四日 Rat, senior fire 丙子
1709910 Sun 24 Jun 32BC 21 May, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年五月二十一日 Goat, junior water 癸未
1709911 Mon 25 Jun 32BC 22 May, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年五月二十二日 Monkey, senior wood 甲申
1709915 Fri 29 Jun 32BC 26 May, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年五月二十六日 Rat, senior earth 戊子
1709916 Sat 30 Jun 32BC 27 May, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年五月二十七日 Ox, junior earth 己丑
1709917 Sun 1 Jul 32BC 28 May, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年五月二十八日 Tiger, senior metal 庚寅
1709918 Mon 2 Jul 32BC 29 May, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年五月二十九日 Rabbit, junior metal 辛卯
1709919 Tue 3 Jul 32BC 1 Jun, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年六月朔 Dragon, senior water 壬辰
1709920 Wed 4 Jul 32BC 2 Jun, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年六月二日 Snake, junior water 癸巳 1 Jun
1709921 Thu 5 Jul 32BC 3 Jun, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年六月三日 Horse, senior wood 甲午
1709924 Sun 8 Jul 32BC 6 Jun, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年六月六日 Rooster, junior fire 丁酉
1709927 Wed 11 Jul 32BC 9 Jun, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年六月九日 Rat, senior metal 庚子
1709931 Sun 15 Jul 32BC 13 Jun, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年六月十三日 Dragon, senior wood 甲辰
1709938 Sun 22 Jul 32BC 20 Jun, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年六月二十日 Pig, junior metal 辛亥
1709939 Mon 23 Jul 32BC 21 Jun, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年六月二十一日 Rat, senior water 壬子
1709941 Wed 25 Jul 32BC 23 Jun, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年六月二十三日 Tiger, senior wood 甲寅
1709945 Sun 29 Jul 32BC 27 Jun, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年六月二十七日 Horse, senior earth 戊午
1709947 Tue 31 Jul 32BC 29 Jun, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年六月二十九日 Monkey, senior metal 庚申
1709948 Wed 1 Aug 32BC 30 Jun, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年六月三十日 Rooster, junior metal 辛酉
1709949 Thu 2 Aug 32BC 1 Jul, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年七月朔 Dog, senior water 壬戌 1 Jul
1709951 Sat 4 Aug 32BC 3 Jul, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年七月三日 Rat, senior wood 甲子
1709952 Sun 5 Aug 32BC 4 Jul, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年七月四日 Ox, junior wood 乙丑
1709959 Sun 12 Aug 32BC 11 Jul, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年七月十一日 Monkey, senior water 壬申
1709961 Tue 14 Aug 32BC 13 Jul, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年七月十三日 Dog, senior wood 甲戌
1709963 Thu 16 Aug 32BC 15 Jul, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年七月十五日 Rat, senior fire 丙子
1709966 Sun 19 Aug 32BC 18 Jul, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年七月十八日 Rabbit, junior earth 己卯
1709971 Fri 24 Aug 32BC 23 Jul, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年七月二十三日 Monkey, senior wood 甲申
1709973 Sun 26 Aug 32BC 25 Jul, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年七月二十五日 Dog, senior fire 丙戌
1709975 Tue 28 Aug 32BC 27 Jul, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年七月二十七日 Rat, senior earth 戊子
1709977 Thu 30 Aug 32BC 29 Jul, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年七月二十九日 Tiger, senior metal 庚寅
1709978 Fri 31 Aug 32BC 1 Aug, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年八月朔 Rabbit, junior metal 辛卯
1709979 Sat 1 Sept 32BC 2 Aug, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年八月二日 Dragon, senior water 壬辰 1 Aug
1709980 Sun 2 Sept 32BC 3 Aug, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年八月三日 Snake, junior water 癸巳
1709981 Mon 3 Sept 32BC 4 Aug, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年八月四日 Horse, senior wood 甲午
1709987 Sun 9 Sept 32BC 10 Aug, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年八月十日 Rat, senior metal 庚子
1709991 Thu 13 Sept 32BC 14 Aug, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年八月十四日 Dragon, senior wood 甲辰
1709994 Sun 16 Sept 32BC 17 Aug, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年八月十七日 Goat, junior fire 丁未
1709999 Fri 21 Sept 32BC 22 Aug, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年八月二十二日 Rat, senior water 壬子
1710001 Sun 23 Sept 32BC 24 Aug, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年八月二十四日 Tiger, senior wood 甲寅
1710007 Sat 29 Sept 32BC 30 Aug, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年八月三十日 Monkey, senior metal 庚申
1710008 Sun 30 Sept 32BC 1 Sept, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年九月朔 Rooster, junior metal 辛酉 1 Sept
1710009 Mon 1 Oct 32BC 2 Sept, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年九月二日 Dog, senior water 壬戌
1710011 Wed 3 Oct 32BC 4 Sept, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年九月四日 Rat, senior wood 甲子
1710015 Sun 7 Oct 32BC 8 Sept, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年九月八日 Dragon, senior earth 戊辰
1710021 Sat 13 Oct 32BC 14 Sept, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年九月十四日 Dog, senior wood 甲戌
1710022 Sun 14 Oct 32BC 15 Sept, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年九月十五日 Pig, junior wood 乙亥
1710023 Mon 15 Oct 32BC 16 Sept, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年九月十六日 Rat, senior fire 丙子
1710029 Sun 21 Oct 32BC 22 Sept, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年九月二十二日 Horse, senior water 壬午
1710031 Tue 23 Oct 32BC 24 Sept, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年九月二十四日 Monkey, senior wood 甲申
1710035 Sat 27 Oct 32BC 28 Sept, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年九月二十八日 Rat, senior earth 戊子
1710036 Sun 28 Oct 32BC 29 Sept, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年九月二十九日 Ox, junior earth 己丑
1710037 Mon 29 Oct 32BC 1 Oct, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年十月朔 Tiger, senior metal 庚寅
1710038 Tue 30 Oct 32BC 2 Oct, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年十月二日 Rabbit, junior metal 辛卯 1 Oct
1710039 Wed 31 Oct 32BC 3 Oct, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年十月三日 Dragon, senior water 壬辰
1710040 Thu 1 Nov 32BC 4 Oct, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年十月四日 Snake, junior water 癸巳
1710041 Fri 2 Nov 32BC 5 Oct, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年十月五日 Horse, senior wood 甲午
1710043 Sun 4 Nov 32BC 7 Oct, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年十月七日 Monkey, senior fire 丙申
1710047 Thu 8 Nov 32BC 11 Oct, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年十月十一日 Rat, senior metal 庚子
1710050 Sun 11 Nov 32BC 14 Oct, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年十月十四日 Rabbit, junior water 癸卯
1710051 Mon 12 Nov 32BC 15 Oct, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年十月十五日 Dragon, senior wood 甲辰
1710057 Sun 18 Nov 32BC 21 Oct, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年十月二十一日 Dog, senior metal 庚戌
1710059 Tue 20 Nov 32BC 23 Oct, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年十月二十三日 Rat, senior water 壬子
1710061 Thu 22 Nov 32BC 25 Oct, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年十月二十五日 Tiger, senior wood 甲寅
1710064 Sun 25 Nov 32BC 28 Oct, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年十月二十八日 Snake, junior fire 丁巳
1710066 Tue 27 Nov 32BC 30 Oct, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年十月三十日 Goat, junior earth 己未
1710067 Wed 28 Nov 32BC 1 Nov, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年十一月朔 Monkey, senior metal 庚申 1 Nov
1710069 Fri 30 Nov 32BC 3 Nov, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年十一月三日 Dog, senior water 壬戌
1710070 Sat 1 Dec 32BC 4 Nov, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年十一月四日 Pig, junior water 癸亥
1710071 Sun 2 Dec 32BC 5 Nov, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年十一月五日 Rat, senior wood 甲子
1710078 Sun 9 Dec 32BC 12 Nov, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年十一月十二日 Goat, junior metal 辛未
1710081 Wed 12 Dec 32BC 15 Nov, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年十一月十五日 Dog, senior wood 甲戌
1710083 Fri 14 Dec 32BC 17 Nov, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年十一月十七日 Rat, senior fire 丙子
1710085 Sun 16 Dec 32BC 19 Nov, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年十一月十九日 Tiger, senior earth 戊寅
1710091 Sat 22 Dec 32BC 25 Nov, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年十一月二十五日 Monkey, senior wood 甲申
1710092 Sun 23 Dec 32BC 26 Nov, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年十一月二十六日 Rooster, junior wood 乙酉
1710095 Wed 26 Dec 32BC 29 Nov, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年十一月二十九日 Rat, senior earth 戊子
1710096 Thu 27 Dec 32BC 1 Dec, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年十二月朔 Ox, junior earth 己丑
1710097 Fri 28 Dec 32BC 2 Dec, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年十二月二日 Tiger, senior metal 庚寅 1 Dec
1710099 Sun 30 Dec 32BC 4 Dec, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年十二月四日 Dragon, senior water 壬辰
1710100 Mon 31 Dec 32BC 5 Dec, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年十二月五日 Snake, junior water 癸巳 last day of the year on JC
1710101 Tue 1 Jan 31BC 6 Dec, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年十二月六日 Horse, senior wood 甲午
1710106 Sun 6 Jan 31BC 11 Dec, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年十二月十一日 Pig, junior earth 己亥
1710107 Mon 7 Jan 31BC 12 Dec, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年十二月十二日 Rat, senior metal 庚子
1710111 Fri 11 Jan 31BC 16 Dec, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年十二月十六日 Dragon, senior wood 甲辰
1710113 Sun 13 Jan 31BC 18 Dec, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年十二月十八日 Horse, senior fire 丙午
1710119 Sat 19 Jan 31BC 24 Dec, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年十二月二十四日 Rat, senior water 壬子
1710120 Sun 20 Jan 31BC 25 Dec, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年十二月二十五日 Ox, junior water 癸丑
1710121 Mon 21 Jan 31BC 26 Dec, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年十二月二十六日 Tiger, senior wood 甲寅
1710125 Fri 25 Jan 31BC 30 Dec, 66th of Sujin 崇神六十六年十二月三十日 Horse, senior earth 戊午 last day of the year on JOS

Persons of the year


title holder note
Emperor of Japan Emperor Sujin

World monarchs, etc.

title holder note
Emperor of China, Han dynasty Emperor Cheng


calendar year
33BC 32BC
66th of Sujin