30th Infantry Brigade (Japanese Army)

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30th Infantry Brigade 歩兵第三十旅団 Hohei Dai Sanjuu Ryodan



no date of
rank name class previous job next job note
9 Mar 1910 Maj General Tachibana Koichiro 6th class, Cadet Cdr, 22nd Inf Brigade Cdr, 1st Grd Inf Brigade
6 Sept 1911 Maj General Yamanashi Hanzo 8th class, Cadet Cdr, 51st Inf Regiment Cdr, 1st Inf Brigade
5 Mar 1912 Maj General Machida Keiu 9th class, Cadet CoS, 15th Division Military Attache to China
8 Aug 1914
6 Aug 1917 Maj General Yoshie Ishinosuke 2nd class, MA CoS, 5th Division Wait for appointment
20 Jul 1921
20 Aug 1924 Maj General Hayashi Nariyuki 9th class, MA Chief Instructor, Infantry School CoS, Korea Army
2 Mar 1926
28 Jan 1929 Maj General Kazuki Kiyoshi 14th class, MA Chief, Mil Admin Sect, MA Bu, MoA Instructor, Military College
1 Aug 1930