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30BC is a year.

Basic information

  • leap year.
  • starts with:
    • Julian Day 1710466, Wednesday (Proleptic Julian Calendar)
  • Proleptic Gregorian calendar date is 2 day behind of Proleptic Julian calendar date.

Japanese Old Style Calendar

  • Corresponds to: 68th year of Emperor Sujin's reign (崇神六十八年).
  • Year of Rabbit, junior metal (辛卯).
  • normal year.
  • starts with: Julian Day 1710510, Friday. Day of Goat, junior water (癸未).


Old Style
Old Style
Sexagenary cycle
1710466 Wed 1 Jan 30BC 16 Nov, 67th of Sujin 崇神六十七年十一月十六日 Pig, junior earth 己亥 new year day on JC
1710467 Thu 2 Jan 30BC 17 Nov, 67th of Sujin 崇神六十七年十一月十七日 Rat, senior metal 庚子
1710470 Sun 5 Jan 30BC 20 Nov, 67th of Sujin 崇神六十七年十一月二十日 Rabbit, junior water 癸卯
1710471 Mon 6 Jan 30BC 21 Nov, 67th of Sujin 崇神六十七年十一月二十一日 Dragon, senior wood 甲辰
1710477 Sun 12 Jan 30BC 27 Nov, 67th of Sujin 崇神六十七年十一月二十七日 Dog, senior metal 庚戌
1710479 Tue 14 Jan 30BC 29 Nov, 67th of Sujin 崇神六十七年十一月二十九日 Rat, senior water 壬子
1710480 Wed 15 Jan 30BC 1 Dec, 67th of Sujin 崇神六十七年十二月朔 Ox, junior water 癸丑
1710481 Thu 16 Jan 30BC 2 Dec, 67th of Sujin 崇神六十七年十二月二日 Tiger, senior wood 甲寅 1 Dec
1710484 Sun 19 Jan 30BC 5 Dec, 67th of Sujin 崇神六十七年十二月五日 Snake, junior fire 丁巳
1710491 Sun 26 Jan 30BC 12 Dec, 67th of Sujin 崇神六十七年十二月十二日 Rat, senior wood 甲子
1710496 Fri 31 Jan 30BC 17 Dec, 67th of Sujin 崇神六十七年十二月十七日 Snake, junior earth 己巳
1710497 Sat 1 Feb 30BC 18 Dec, 67th of Sujin 崇神六十七年十二月十八日 Horse, senior metal 庚午
1710498 Sun 2 Feb 30BC 19 Dec, 67th of Sujin 崇神六十七年十二月十九日 Goat, junior metal 辛未
1710501 Wed 5 Feb 30BC 22 Dec, 67th of Sujin 崇神六十七年十二月二十二日 Dog, senior wood 甲戌
1710503 Fri 7 Feb 30BC 24 Dec, 67th of Sujin 崇神六十七年十二月二十四日 Rat, senior fire 丙子
1710505 Sun 9 Feb 30BC 26 Dec, 67th of Sujin 崇神六十七年十二月二十六日 Tiger, senior earth 戊寅
1710509 Thu 13 Feb 30BC 30 Dec, 67th of Sujin 崇神六十七年十二月三十日 Horse, senior water 壬午
1710510 Fri 14 Feb 30BC 1 Jan, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年正月朔 Goat, junior water 癸未 1 Jan new year day on JOS
1710511 Sat 15 Feb 30BC 2 Jan, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年正月二日 Monkey, senior wood 甲申
1710512 Sun 16 Feb 30BC 3 Jan, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年正月三日 Rooster, junior wood 乙酉
1710515 Wed 19 Feb 30BC 6 Jan, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年正月六日 Rat, senior earth 戊子
1710519 Sun 23 Feb 30BC 10 Jan, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年正月十日 Dragon, senior water 壬辰
1710521 Tue 25 Feb 30BC 12 Jan, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年正月十二日 Horse, senior wood 甲午
1710524 Fri 28 Feb 30BC 15 Jan, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年正月十五日 Rooster, junior fire 丁酉
1710525 Sat 1 Mar 30BC 16 Jan, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年正月十六日 Dog, senior earth 戊戌
1710526 Sun 2 Mar 30BC 17 Jan, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年正月十七日 Pig, junior earth 己亥
1710527 Mon 3 Mar 30BC 18 Jan, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年正月十八日 Rat, senior metal 庚子
1710531 Fri 7 Mar 30BC 22 Jan, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年正月二十二日 Dragon, senior wood 甲辰
1710533 Sun 9 Mar 30BC 24 Jan, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年正月二十四日 Horse, senior fire 丙午
1710538 Fri 14 Mar 30BC 29 Jan, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年正月二十九日 Pig, junior metal 辛亥
1710539 Sat 15 Mar 30BC 1 Feb, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年二月朔 Rat, senior water 壬子
1710540 Sun 16 Mar 30BC 2 Feb, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年二月二日 Ox, junior water 癸丑 1 Feb
1710541 Mon 17 Mar 30BC 3 Feb, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年二月三日 Tiger, senior wood 甲寅
1710547 Sun 23 Mar 30BC 9 Feb, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年二月九日 Monkey, senior metal 庚申
1710551 Thu 27 Mar 30BC 13 Feb, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年二月十三日 Rat, senior wood 甲子
1710554 Sun 30 Mar 30BC 16 Feb, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年二月十六日 Rabbit, junior fire 丁卯
1710555 Mon 31 Mar 30BC 17 Feb, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年二月十七日 Dragon, senior earth 戊辰
1710556 Tue 1 Apr 30BC 18 Feb, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年二月十八日 Snake, junior earth 己巳
1710561 Sun 6 Apr 30BC 23 Feb, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年二月二十三日 Dog, senior wood 甲戌
1710563 Tue 8 Apr 30BC 25 Feb, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年二月二十五日 Rat, senior fire 丙子
1710568 Sun 13 Apr 30BC 30 Feb, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年二月三十日 Snake, junior metal 辛巳
1710569 Mon 14 Apr 30BC 1 Mar, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年三月朔 Horse, senior water 壬午 1 Mar
1710571 Wed 16 Apr 30BC 3 Mar, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年三月三日 Monkey, senior wood 甲申
1710575 Sun 20 Apr 30BC 7 Mar, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年三月七日 Rat, senior earth 戊子
1710581 Sat 26 Apr 30BC 13 Mar, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年三月十三日 Horse, senior wood 甲午
1710582 Sun 27 Apr 30BC 14 Mar, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年三月十四日 Goat, junior wood 乙未
1710585 Wed 30 Apr 30BC 17 Mar, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年三月十七日 Dog, senior earth 戊戌
1710586 Thu 1 May 30BC 18 Mar, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年三月十八日 Pig, junior earth 己亥
1710587 Fri 2 May 30BC 19 Mar, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年三月十九日 Rat, senior metal 庚子
1710589 Sun 4 May 30BC 21 Mar, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年三月二十一日 Tiger, senior water 壬寅
1710591 Tue 6 May 30BC 23 Mar, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年三月二十三日 Dragon, senior wood 甲辰
1710596 Sun 11 May 30BC 28 Mar, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年三月二十八日 Rooster, junior earth 己酉
1710597 Mon 12 May 30BC 29 Mar, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年三月二十九日 Dog, senior metal 庚戌
1710598 Tue 13 May 30BC 1 Apr, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年四月朔 Pig, junior metal 辛亥
1710599 Wed 14 May 30BC 2 Apr, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年四月二日 Rat, senior water 壬子 1 Apr
1710601 Fri 16 May 30BC 4 Apr, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年四月四日 Tiger, senior wood 甲寅
1710603 Sun 18 May 30BC 6 Apr, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年四月六日 Dragon, senior fire 丙辰
1710610 Sun 25 May 30BC 13 Apr, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年四月十三日 Pig, junior water 癸亥
1710611 Mon 26 May 30BC 14 Apr, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年四月十四日 Rat, senior wood 甲子
1710616 Sat 31 May 30BC 19 Apr, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年四月十九日 Snake, junior earth 己巳
1710617 Sun 1 Jun 30BC 20 Apr, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年四月二十日 Horse, senior metal 庚午
1710621 Thu 5 Jun 30BC 24 Apr, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年四月二十四日 Dog, senior wood 甲戌
1710623 Sat 7 Jun 30BC 26 Apr, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年四月二十六日 Rat, senior fire 丙子
1710624 Sun 8 Jun 30BC 27 Apr, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年四月二十七日 Ox, junior fire 丁丑
1710627 Wed 11 Jun 30BC 30 Apr, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年四月三十日 Dragon, senior metal 庚辰
1710628 Thu 12 Jun 30BC 1 May, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年五月朔 Snake, junior metal 辛巳 1 May
1710631 Sun 15 Jun 30BC 4 May, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年五月四日 Monkey, senior wood 甲申
1710635 Thu 19 Jun 30BC 8 May, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年五月八日 Rat, senior earth 戊子
1710638 Sun 22 Jun 30BC 11 May, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年五月十一日 Rabbit, junior metal 辛卯
1710641 Wed 25 Jun 30BC 14 May, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年五月十四日 Horse, senior wood 甲午
1710645 Sun 29 Jun 30BC 18 May, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年五月十八日 Dog, senior earth 戊戌
1710646 Mon 30 Jun 30BC 19 May, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年五月十九日 Pig, junior earth 己亥
1710647 Tue 1 Jul 30BC 20 May, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年五月二十日 Rat, senior metal 庚子
1710651 Sat 5 Jul 30BC 24 May, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年五月二十四日 Dragon, senior wood 甲辰
1710652 Sun 6 Jul 30BC 25 May, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年五月二十五日 Snake, junior wood 乙巳
1710656 Thu 10 Jul 30BC 29 May, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年五月二十九日 Rooster, junior earth 己酉
1710657 Fri 11 Jul 30BC 1 Jun, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年六月朔 Dog, senior metal 庚戌
1710658 Sat 12 Jul 30BC 2 Jun, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年六月二日 Pig, junior metal 辛亥 1 Jun
1710659 Sun 13 Jul 30BC 3 Jun, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年六月三日 Rat, senior water 壬子
1710661 Tue 15 Jul 30BC 5 Jun, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年六月五日 Tiger, senior wood 甲寅
1710666 Sun 20 Jul 30BC 10 Jun, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年六月十日 Goat, junior earth 己未
1710671 Fri 25 Jul 30BC 15 Jun, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年六月十五日 Rat, senior wood 甲子
1710673 Sun 27 Jul 30BC 17 Jun, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年六月十七日 Tiger, senior fire 丙寅
1710677 Thu 31 Jul 30BC 21 Jun, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年六月二十一日 Horse, senior metal 庚午
1710678 Fri 1 Aug 30BC 22 Jun, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年六月二十二日 Goat, junior metal 辛未
1710680 Sun 3 Aug 30BC 24 Jun, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年六月二十四日 Rooster, junior water 癸酉
1710681 Mon 4 Aug 30BC 25 Jun, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年六月二十五日 Dog, senior wood 甲戌
1710683 Wed 6 Aug 30BC 27 Jun, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年六月二十七日 Rat, senior fire 丙子
1710686 Sat 9 Aug 30BC 30 Jun, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年六月三十日 Rabbit, junior earth 己卯
1710687 Sun 10 Aug 30BC 1 Jul, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年七月朔 Dragon, senior metal 庚辰 1 Jul
1710691 Thu 14 Aug 30BC 5 Jul, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年七月五日 Monkey, senior wood 甲申
1710694 Sun 17 Aug 30BC 8 Jul, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年七月八日 Pig, junior fire 丁亥
1710695 Mon 18 Aug 30BC 9 Jul, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年七月九日 Rat, senior earth 戊子
1710701 Sun 24 Aug 30BC 15 Jul, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年七月十五日 Horse, senior wood 甲午
1710707 Sat 30 Aug 30BC 21 Jul, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年七月二十一日 Rat, senior metal 庚子
1710708 Sun 31 Aug 30BC 22 Jul, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年七月二十二日 Ox, junior metal 辛丑
1710709 Mon 1 Sept 30BC 23 Jul, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年七月二十三日 Tiger, senior water 壬寅
1710711 Wed 3 Sept 30BC 25 Jul, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年七月二十五日 Dragon, senior wood 甲辰
1710715 Sun 7 Sept 30BC 29 Jul, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年七月二十九日 Monkey, senior earth 戊申
1710716 Mon 8 Sept 30BC 30 Jul, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年七月三十日 Rooster, junior earth 己酉
1710717 Tue 9 Sept 30BC 1 Aug, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年八月朔 Dog, senior metal 庚戌 1 Aug
1710719 Thu 11 Sept 30BC 3 Aug, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年八月三日 Rat, senior water 壬子
1710721 Sat 13 Sept 30BC 5 Aug, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年八月五日 Tiger, senior wood 甲寅
1710722 Sun 14 Sept 30BC 6 Aug, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年八月六日 Rabbit, junior wood 乙卯
1710729 Sun 21 Sept 30BC 13 Aug, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年八月十三日 Dog, senior water 壬戌
1710731 Tue 23 Sept 30BC 15 Aug, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年八月十五日 Rat, senior wood 甲子
1710736 Sun 28 Sept 30BC 20 Aug, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年八月二十日 Snake, junior earth 己巳
1710738 Tue 30 Sept 30BC 22 Aug, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年八月二十二日 Goat, junior metal 辛未
1710739 Wed 1 Oct 30BC 23 Aug, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年八月二十三日 Monkey, senior water 壬申
1710741 Fri 3 Oct 30BC 25 Aug, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年八月二十五日 Dog, senior wood 甲戌
1710743 Sun 5 Oct 30BC 27 Aug, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年八月二十七日 Rat, senior fire 丙子
1710745 Tue 7 Oct 30BC 29 Aug, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年八月二十九日 Tiger, senior earth 戊寅
1710746 Wed 8 Oct 30BC 1 Sept, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年九月朔 Rabbit, junior earth 己卯
1710747 Thu 9 Oct 30BC 2 Sept, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年九月二日 Dragon, senior metal 庚辰 1 Sept
1710750 Sun 12 Oct 30BC 5 Sept, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年九月五日 Goat, junior water 癸未
1710751 Mon 13 Oct 30BC 6 Sept, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年九月六日 Monkey, senior wood 甲申
1710755 Fri 17 Oct 30BC 10 Sept, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年九月十日 Rat, senior earth 戊子
1710757 Sun 19 Oct 30BC 12 Sept, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年九月十二日 Tiger, senior metal 庚寅
1710761 Thu 23 Oct 30BC 16 Sept, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年九月十六日 Horse, senior wood 甲午
1710764 Sun 26 Oct 30BC 19 Sept, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年九月十九日 Rooster, junior fire 丁酉
1710767 Wed 29 Oct 30BC 22 Sept, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年九月二十二日 Rat, senior metal 庚子
1710769 Fri 31 Oct 30BC 24 Sept, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年九月二十四日 Tiger, senior water 壬寅
1710770 Sat 1 Nov 30BC 25 Sept, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年九月二十五日 Rabbit, junior water 癸卯
1710771 Sun 2 Nov 30BC 26 Sept, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年九月二十六日 Dragon, senior wood 甲辰
1710775 Thu 6 Nov 30BC 30 Sept, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年九月三十日 Monkey, senior earth 戊申
1710776 Fri 7 Nov 30BC 1 Oct, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年十月朔 Rooster, junior earth 己酉 1 Oct
1710778 Sun 9 Nov 30BC 3 Oct, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年十月三日 Pig, junior metal 辛亥
1710779 Mon 10 Nov 30BC 4 Oct, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年十月四日 Rat, senior water 壬子
1710781 Wed 12 Nov 30BC 6 Oct, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年十月六日 Tiger, senior wood 甲寅
1710785 Sun 16 Nov 30BC 10 Oct, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年十月十日 Horse, senior earth 戊午
1710791 Sat 22 Nov 30BC 16 Oct, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年十月十六日 Rat, senior wood 甲子
1710792 Sun 23 Nov 30BC 17 Oct, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年十月十七日 Ox, junior wood 乙丑
1710799 Sun 30 Nov 30BC 24 Oct, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年十月二十四日 Monkey, senior water 壬申
1710800 Mon 1 Dec 30BC 25 Oct, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年十月二十五日 Rooster, junior water 癸酉
1710801 Tue 2 Dec 30BC 26 Oct, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年十月二十六日 Dog, senior wood 甲戌
1710803 Thu 4 Dec 30BC 28 Oct, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年十月二十八日 Rat, senior fire 丙子
1710804 Fri 5 Dec 30BC 29 Oct, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年十月二十九日 Ox, junior fire 丁丑
1710805 Sat 6 Dec 30BC 1 Nov, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年十一月朔 Tiger, senior earth 戊寅
1710806 Sun 7 Dec 30BC 2 Nov, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年十一月二日 Rabbit, junior earth 己卯 1 Nov
1710811 Fri 12 Dec 30BC 7 Nov, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年十一月七日 Monkey, senior wood 甲申
1710813 Sun 14 Dec 30BC 9 Nov, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年十一月九日 Dog, senior fire 丙戌
1710815 Tue 16 Dec 30BC 11 Nov, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年十一月十一日 Rat, senior earth 戊子
1710820 Sun 21 Dec 30BC 16 Nov, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年十一月十六日 Snake, junior water 癸巳
1710821 Mon 22 Dec 30BC 17 Nov, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年十一月十七日 Horse, senior wood 甲午
1710827 Sun 28 Dec 30BC 23 Nov, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年十一月二十三日 Rat, senior metal 庚子
1710830 Wed 31 Dec 30BC 26 Nov, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年十一月二十六日 Rabbit, junior water 癸卯 last day of the year on JC
1710831 Thu 1 Jan 29BC 27 Nov, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年十一月二十七日 Dragon, senior wood 甲辰
1710834 Sun 4 Jan 29BC 30 Nov, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年十一月三十日 Goat, junior fire 丁未
1710835 Mon 5 Jan 29BC 1 Dec, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年十二月朔 Monkey, senior earth 戊申 1 Dec
1710839 Fri 9 Jan 29BC 5 Dec, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年十二月五日 Rat, senior water 壬子
1710841 Sun 11 Jan 29BC 7 Dec, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年十二月七日 Tiger, senior wood 甲寅
1710848 Sun 18 Jan 29BC 14 Dec, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年十二月十四日 Rooster, junior metal 辛酉
1710851 Wed 21 Jan 29BC 17 Dec, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年十二月十七日 Rat, senior wood 甲子
1710855 Sun 25 Jan 29BC 21 Dec, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年十二月二十一日 Dragon, senior earth 戊辰
1710861 Sat 31 Jan 29BC 27 Dec, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年十二月二十七日 Dog, senior wood 甲戌
1710862 Sun 1 Feb 29BC 28 Dec, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年十二月二十八日 Pig, junior wood 乙亥
1710863 Mon 2 Feb 29BC 29 Dec, 68th of Sujin 崇神六十八年十二月二十九日 Rat, senior fire 丙子 last day of the year on JOS
1710864 Tue 3 Feb 29BC 1 Jan, 1st of Suinin 垂仁元年正月朔 Ox, junior fire 丁丑 last day of the year on CLS

Persons of the year


title holder note
Emperor of Japan Emperor Sujin died 5 Dec

World monarchs, etc.

title holder note
Emperor of China, Han dynasty Emperor Cheng


calendar year
31BC 30BC
68th of Sujin