22nd Infantry Brigade (Japanese Army)

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22nd Infantry Brigade 歩兵第二十二旅団 Hohei Dainijuuni Ryodan



no date of
rank name class previous job next job note
18 Feb 1901 Maj General Ueda Arisawa Cdt, Military College Chief of Staff, Inspectorate General
5 May 1902 Maj General Kamio Mitsuomi Chief of Staff, 10th Division Chief of Staff, Liaotung Defense Army
30 Aug 1904
1 May 1907 Maj General Sunaga Takeyoshi Cdr, 1st Taiwan Def Mixed Brigade Cdr, 36th Inf Brigade
13 Nov 1907 Maj General Tanida Fumie Cdr, 10th Inf Brigade Cdr, MP Headquarter
1 Aug 1909 Maj General Tachibana Koichiro 6th class, Cadet Adj, Ministry of Army Cdr, 30th Inf Brigade
9 Mar 1910