21st class of Military Academy (Japanese Army)

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21st class of Military Academy


seat name final rank honor other title fate Military College origin division note
Higuchi Kiichiro Lt General 11 Oct 1970 died 30th class Hyogo Infantry
Hirabayashi Morito Lt General 21 May 1969 died 31st class Nagano Infantry
Hyakutake Haruyoshi Lt General 10 Mar 1947 died 33rd class Saga Infantry
Iimura Jo Lt General 21 May 1976 died 33rd class Ibaraki Infantry
Kotsuki Yoshio Lt General 3 Apr 1971 died 29th class Kumamoto Infantry
Kuroda Shigenori Lt General 30 Apr 1954 died 28th class Fukuoka Infantry
Machijiri Kazumoto Lt General 12 Dec 1945 died 29th class Kyoto Artillery
Sugawara Michio Lt General 29 Dec 1983 died 31st class Nagasaki Infantry
Tominaga Nobumasa General 9 Nov 1943 died 32nd class Tokyo Infantry
Uchiyama Eitaro Lt General 25 Dec 1973 died 32nd class Tokyo Artillery
Yasuda Takeo Lt General 23 Aug 1964 died Okayama Pioneer
Yokoyama Isamu Lt General 21 Apr 1952 died 27th class Fukushima Infantry