20th class of Military Academy (Japanese Army)

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20th class of Military Academy


seat name final rank honor other title fate Military College origin division note
Prince Naruhisa Colonel (A) 1 Apr 1923 killed by accident 27th class Artillery
Prince Yasuhiko General 12 Apr 1981 died 26th class Infantry
Prince Naruhiko General 20 Jan 1990 died 26th class Infantry
Iida Shojiro Lt General 23 Jan 1980 died 27th class Yamaguchi Infantry
Kimura Heitaro General 23 Dec 1948 executed 28th class Tokyo Artillery
Kusaba Tatsumi Lt General 17 Sep 1946 suicide 27th class Shiga Infantry
Shichida Ichiro Lt General 4 Apr 1957 died 31st class Saga Infantry
Shimomura Sadamu General 25 Mar 1968 died 28th class Kochi Artillery
Shirokura Yoshie Lt General 13 Sept 1945 suicide Nagano Infantry
Yoshimoto Teiichi General 14 Sep 1945 suicide 28th class Tokushima Infantry
Ushijima Mitsuru General 23 Jun 1945 KIA 28th class Kagoshima Infantry