1st Guard Infantry Brigade (Japanese Army)

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1st Guard Infantry Brigade 近衛歩兵第一旅団 Konoe Hohei Daiichi Ryodan



no date of
rank name class previous job next job note
13 Feb 1882 Maj General Oku Yasukata Cdr, 7th Inf Brigade Senior Aide-de-camp to the Crown Prince
21 May 1885
3 Dec 1892 Maj General Ogawa Mataji Cdr, 4th Inf Brigade Chief of Staff, 1st Army
27 Aug 1894 Maj General Kawamura Kageaki Cdr, 8th Inf Brigade Cdr, 1st Division
27 Oct 1897
10 Dec 1897 Maj General Okubo Haruno Cdr, 7th Inf Brigade Chief of Staff, Inspectorate General
25 Apr 1900
22 May 1901 Maj General Tsuchiya Mitsuharu Cdr, 1st Taiwan Mixed Brigade Cdr, 11th Division
5 May 1902 Maj General Asada Nobuoki Cdr, 5th Inf Brigade Cdr, Guard Division
8 Sept 1904
13 Nov 1907 Maj General Kamio Mitsuomi Chief of Staff, Governor of Kwantung Cdr, 9th Division
21 Dec 1908
6 Sept 1911 Maj General Tachibana Koichiro 6th class, Cadet Cdr, 30th Inf Brigade Chief of Staff, Korea Resident Army
28 Sept 1912
31 Aug 1913 Maj General Prince Kuniyoshi 7th class, MA Cdr, 38th Inf Regiment Cdr, 15th Division
6 Aug 1917
1 May 1925 Maj General Kawashima Yoshiyuki 10th class, MA Att, Ordnance Command Dir, Pers Bu, Ministry of Army
2 Mar 1926
1 Aug 1935 Maj General Shinozuka Yoshio 17th class, MA Dir, Plan Div, Material Dept, Cabinet Cdr, 1st Indep Mixed Brigade
7 Mar 1936