1st Division (Japanese Army)

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1st Division 第一師団 Daiichi Shidan



no date of
rank name class previous job next job note
1 14 May 1888 Lt General Miyoshi Shigeomi Commander, Tokyo District Inspector of the Army
2 7 Jun 1890 Lt General Yamaji Motoharu Commander, 6th Division Commander, Western Headquarter
3 14 Oct 1896 Lt General Oku Yasukata Cdr, 5th Division Cdr, Guard Division
4 27 Oct 1897 Lt General Kawamura Kageaki Cdr, 1st Gd Inf Brigade Cdr, 10th Division
5 2 Apr 1901 Lt General Prince Sadanaru Cdr, 10th Division Att, Joint General Staff 28 Jun 1904 General
6 10 Jul 1904 Lt General Matsumura Kanemoto Commander, 1st Inf Brigade died 4 Feb 1905 died
7 6 Feb 1905 Lt General Iida Shunsuke Commander, 11th Inf Brigade reserve
8 3 Feb 1906 Lt General Prince Kotohito Att, General Staffs Cdr, Guard Division
9 6 Sept 1911 Lt General Kigoshi Yasutsuna 1st class, Cadet Cdr, 6th Division Minister of Army
10 26 Dec 1912 Lt General Ichinohe Hyoe Cdr, 4th Division Military Councillor
11 15 Feb 1915 Lt General Semba Taro 2nd class, Cadet Commander, 3rd Division Wait for appointment
12 18 Aug 1916 Lt General Hongo Fusataro 3rd class, Cadet Cdr, 17th Division Cdr, Tsingtao Defense Army
13 6 Aug 1917 Lt General Kawai Misao 8th class, Cadet Cdt, Military College Cdr, Kwantung Army
14 6 Jan 1921 Lt General Nishikawa Torajiro 11th class, Cadet Commander, 13th Division Wait for appointment
15 15 Aug 1922 Lt General Shirakawa Yoshinori 1st class, MA Cdr, 11th Division Vice Minister of Army
16 20 Oct 1922 Lt General Ishimitsu Maomi 1st class, MA Chief, Army Horse Affairs Wait for appointment
17 1 May 1925 Lt General Wada Kameji 6th class, MA Commandant, Military College Wait for appointment
18 10 Aug 1928 Lt General Hata Eitaro 7th class, MA Vice Minister of Army Cdr, Kwantung Army
19 1 Jul 1929 Lt General Masaki Jinzaburo 9th class, MA Cdr, 8th Division Cdr, Taiwan Army
20 1 Aug 1931 Lt General Hayashi Nariyuki 9th class, MA Dir, Office of Inspectorate General Cdr of Tokyo Security
21 18 Mar 1933 Lt General Mori Muraji 11th class, MA Absence keeper, 14th Division Wait for appointment
22 1 Aug 1934 Lt General Yanagawa Heisuke 12th class, MA Vice Minister of Army Commander, Taiwan Army
23 2 Dec 1935 Lt General Hori Takeo 13th class, MA Dir, Army Air Command Wait for appointment
24 23 Mar 1936 Lt General Kawamura Kyosuke 15th class, MA Absence keeper, 16th Division Wait for appointment
25 15 Jul 1938 Lt General Okabe Naozaburo 18th class, MA CoS, North China Area Army Cdr, Inner-Mongolia Res Army
26 12 Sep 1939 Lt General Yokoyama Isamu 21st class, MA Att, Eastern Army HQ Commander, Fourth Army
27 15 Oct 1941 Lt General Nakazawa Mitsuo 24th class, MA Secretary, Military Preliminary Academy Commandant, Military Preliminary Academy
28 1 Mar 1944 Hattori Gyotaro 24th class, MA
3 Aug 1944 Kataoka Tadasu 27th class, MA
29 26 Oct 1944 Kataoka Tadasu 27th class, MA

Chief of Staff

no date of
rank name class previous job next job note
7 Mar 1936 Colonel, Inf Teshima Fusataro 22nd class, MA Commander, 23rd Inf Regiment Att, 12th Division remnant HQ
1 Nov 1937