1st Division (JGSDF)

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1st Division 第1師団 Daiichi Shidan

chain of command

Minister of Defense > Eastern Army > 1st Division





no date of
rank name class previous job next job note
9 Oct 1950 General Yoshida Chuichi University of Tokyo retired Commander, 1st District
1 Aug 1952 General
22 Dec 1953 General Tsutsui Takeo University of Tokyo Cdr, 4th District Chief of Staff, GSDF
1 Jul 1954 Lt General Omori Hiroshi University of Tokyo Cdr, 3rd District Vice Chief of Staff, GSDF
2 Aug 1957 Lt General Nakano Toshio University of Tokyo Cdt, JGSDF Staff College retired
16 Mar 1959 Lt General Takayama Shinobu 39th class, MA Administrator, JSC Cdr, Northern Army
1 Aug 1960 Lt General Miyazaki Shunichi 40th class, MA Dir, S5, GSO Cdr, 1st Division
1 18 Jan 1962 Lt General Miyazaki Shunichi 40th class, MA Cdr, 1st District Cdr, Northern Army Commander, 1st Division
12 Mar 1962
16 Mar 1963 Lt General Nojiri Norio 41st class, MA Cdr, 10th Division Cdr, Eastern Army
16 Mar 1964
16 Jul 1965 Lt General Hashimoto Masakatsu 45th class, MA Cdr, 2nd Division Cdr, Northern Army
16 Mar 1968 Lt General Watanabe Hiroshi 46th class, MA Cdr, 2nd Division Cdr, Middle Army
1 Jul 1969
16 Mar 1990 Lt General Tomizawa Hikaru 4th class, NDA Dir, Edu Dept, GSO Vice Chief of Staff, GSDF
16 Mar 1991
11 Jan 2001 Lt General Watanabe Hajime 14th class, NDA CoS, Northern Army Administrator, JSC
22 Mar 2002
28 5 Dec 2003 Lt General Yazawa Masashi 15th, class, NDA
29 27 Mar 2006 Lt General Sanda Katsumi 18th class, NDA
30 28 Mar 2007 Lt General Takeda Masanori Hosei University
31 1 Aug 2008 Lt General Watanabe Takashi 21st class, NDA Dir, Edu&Train Dept, GSO Cdt, Joint Staff College
32 7 Dec 2009 Lt General Nakagawa Yoshiaki University of Tokyo CoS, Middle Army Cdr, Ground R&D Command
33 27 Apr 2011 Lt General Kozaki Takashi 21st class, NDA CoS, Northern Army retired
34 30 Mar 2012 Lt General Tampu Kenichi 23rd class, NDA CoS, Northern Army retired
35 28 Mar 2014 Lt General Nagai Masahiro 25th class, NDA CoS, Western Army retired
36 23 Mar 2016 Lt General Nishi Hironori 28th class, NDA Cdr, 13th Brigade Cdt, JGSDF Staff College
37 27 Mar 2017 Lt General Shibata Shoichi 29th class, NDA Cdr, 14th Brigade Dir, Ground Sys Devt, ATLA
38 1 Aug 2018 Lt General Takemoto Ryoji 30th class, NDA Cdr, 11th Brigade incumbent