19th Infantry Brigade (Japanese Army)

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19th Infantry Brigade 歩兵第十九旅団 Hohei Dai Juukyuu Ryodan



no date of
rank name class previous job next job note
26 Aug 1899 Maj General Ando Teibi Cdr, 2nd Taiwan Mixed Brigade Cdr, 10th Division
15 Jan 1905
28 Jan 1909 Maj General Oi Shigemoto 6th class, Cadet Chief, Military Sect, MA Bu, Ministry of Army Cdr, 2nd Grd Inf Brigade
5 Mar 1912
4 Feb 1924 Maj General Terauchi Hisaichi 11th class, MA Chief of Staff, Guard Division Att, 1st Division HQ
2 Mar 1926