18th class of Military Academy (Japanese Army)

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18th class of Military Academy


seat name final rank honor other title fate Military College origin division note
Anami Korechika General 15 Aug 1945 suicide 30th class Oita Infantry
Fujie Keisuke General 27 Feb 1969 died 26th class Hyogo Artillery
Hada Juichi Lt General 3 Feb 1961 died 31st class Hiroshima Infantry
Inaba Shiro Lt General 13 Mar 1948 died 24th class Ishikawa Cavalry
Nakajima Tetsuzo Lt General 25 Jul 1949 died 30th class Yamagata Infantry
Okabe Naozaburo General 23 Nov 1946 died 27th class Hiroshima Artillery
Sawada Shigeru Lt General 1 Dec 1980 died 26th class Kochi Artillery
Washizu Kohei Lt General 20 Feb 1970 died 27th class Aichi Infantry
Yamashita Tomoyuki General 23 Feb 1946 executed 28th class Kochi Infantry
Yamawaki Masataka General 21 Apr 1974 died 26th class Kochi Infantry
Yasui Toji Lt General 9 Jul 1970 died 25th class Toyama Infantry