11th Division (JGSDF)

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11th Division 第11師団 Daijuuichi Shidan




no date of
rank name class previous job next job note
17 Mar 1969 Lt General Nakamura Ryuhei 49th class, MA Dir, J2, JSC Cdr, Eastern Army
22 Dec 1970
1 Jul 1972 Lt General Miyoshi Hideo 53rd class, MA Dir, S5, GSO Vice Chief of Staff, GSDF
16 Mar 1974 Lt General Nagano Shigeto 55th class, MA Dir, S4, GSO Vice Chief of Staff, GSDF
16 Mar 1976
31 Mar 1981 Lt General Osawa Wataru 60th class, MA CoS, Middle Army Cdr, Middle Army
16 Mar 1983
29 Mar 1984 Lt General Ishii Masao Rikkyo Univ Dir, J5, JSC Vice Chief of Staff, GSDF
1 Oct 1985 Lt General Terajima Taizo Tohoku University Dir, Log Dept, GSO Vice Chief of Staff, GSDF
17 Mar 1986
7 Jul 1987 Lt General Odawara Akira 2nd class, NDA Dir, Log Dept, GSO Cdr, Eastern Army
9 Jul 1990 Lt General Aoto Hideya 4th class, NDA Dir, J5, JSC Vice President, NDA
16 Mar 1992
28 Mar 2007 Lt General Anezaki Taiji 19th class, NDA Cdr, 5th Brigade Cdt, Joint Staff College
26 Mar 2008