Date Munetoshi (1635-1709)

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Sir Date Munetoshi 伊達宗利 (18 Dec 1634JOS / 5 Feb 1635GC - 21 Dec 1708JOS / 31 Jan 1709GC) was a Japanese Samurai, Master of Uwajima Domain.



  • December 1654 Chief of Ceremonial meal Office, junior fifth grade lower 従五位下大膳大夫 Ju Go-i Ge Daizen Daibu
  • July 1657 Chamberlain and Chief of Totomi Province, junior fourth grade lower 従四位下侍従兼遠江守 Ju Shi-i Ge Jiju ken Totomi no Kami


Tokugawa Shogunate
Preceded by
Date Hidemune
Master of Uwajima Domain
1657 - 1693
Succeeded by
Date Munetoshi